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Comment Re:Organic vs processed (toxic) sugar. (Score 2, Informative) 1017

Please bear in mind that HFCS (in mainstream use) is either 55% Fructose/42% Glucose (used mainly in drinks) or 42% Fructose/53% Glucose (typically used in food and baked goods). Table sugar consists of Sucrose, which when absorbed by the body breaks down into 50% Fructose/50% Glucose. Any difference between the two is a matter of marketing.

Comment Re:Warhammer Online could use something like this. (Score 1) 138

I experienced the same thing about a month back, when I initially gave the trial a play (nice game, and the trial zones were comparatively well populated), then picked up a cheap box copy and moved from a lively game to a ghost-town. The first non-starter zone I visited had, for a good part of the time I was there, no other players in that zone.

I cancelled my sub after only a week and left feedback that the game, as it stood, wasn't worth a subscription with its current population levels.

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