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Comment Re:Tesla (Score 2) 394

If an expensive high status car has a problem, it's news.

No, if it's an electric car, it's news.

It's safe to say that there are some powerful people who really don't want Tesla to succeed. These "pro-consumer" stories are most likely coming from the same place laws that laws forbidding Tesla from having showrooms in several states come from.

If they'll go to the extent of having captive legislatures pass laws making it harder for Tesla to do business, does anything think they wouldn't gin up a few press releases?

Comment Re:hmm, people out to make a quick buck (Score 2) 357

are frequently criminals.

And people involved in "cryptocurrency" are frequently a little questionable themselves.



Personally, I've decided to put my money in tulip bulbs. My tulip bulb fortune is the fastest growing in the world. Friday, I had two tulip bulbs and at the close of business today, I have fifty, having cleaned out the local garden shop. That's a 2500% increase in two days!!.

Clearly, tulip bulbs are the next big thing, since their value does not depend on any government and they can be used anonymously. I keep mine safely buried underground in my front yard.

Comment Re:Deception, .... (Score 1) 30

No, not cleverness. You have a word for it, and it's not cleverness. The word you would use is "demonic", and here's the evidence:


If you object to the LA Times story because you believe the Tribune Co is a tool of the Leftists, I can offer substantially the same story from the Wall Street Journal or something more to your liking. I believe even The Blaze covered it, if that's what it takes to make you believe.

Comment Re:sugar (Score 3, Interesting) 703

Canada and Russia have great big areas that are too cold to farm. As the warm up, they will far outmass the areas that get too hot to farm.

You assume there will be an even distribution of warming across the globe. And that the shift won't bring unforeseen issues.

It's not just a matter of "everywhere gets X degrees warmer". Not when a substantial amount of water changes its state.

Comment Re:What show did they watch? (Score 1) 667

I don't know any actual christians who think God has spoken to them directly.

Please. Here's a very famous and prominent Christian who claims exactly that God speaks to him. Regularly.


Problem is, God's pulling his leg. But it's not just Ol' Pat. Many American Christians believe God speaks to them:


Comment Re:Twitter killing off... itself (Score 1, Interesting) 96

You know, I used to think that. Facebook is a lot worse than Twitter when it comes to the 'tard community. Plus, you've got people with their hand out, asking to be your "friend" and I really don't like that.

Plus, Facebook is so intrusive. Twitter is more useful because you can be anonymous and just be a listener, if you prefer.

I'm not a big fan of the "social" aspect of social media. Now that there seems to be an all-out attack on RSS by publishers, Twitter is a very good way to follow news.

Comment Matthew 7:15 (Score 1) 117

I'm pretty sure this story calls for a little Bible verse, from the book of Matthew.

"Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Now brothers and sisters, please join me in a song from page 126 of your hymnal, "Open My Eyes That I Might See".

Comment Re:What show did they watch? (Score 5, Insightful) 667

Naw, the eye thing is passe for creationists. Their new tactic is claiming that "intelligence only comes from intelligence". It's from the book "Darwin's Doubt" from the Discovery Institute. Big best-seller on the god-botherer circuit.

Here's the way the argument goes (I'm not kidding): "A human brain is like a computer. And only intelligent entities can design computers. Thus...Intelligent Designer!" In other words, "there is too much information in DNA for it to have come from anywhere but the mind of Jehovah because screw Hindus".

Yep. That's it. Game over. Pwned. Until you suggest that it means the Intelligent Designer must have also come from a previous Intelligent Designer so we're looking at polytheism all the way down. Then, the argument rapidly devolves into, "The Christian Deity is the only possible explanation".

I'm telling you, I prefer the Young Earth creationists, who at least put their mythology right up front. They're honest about "God made it". These ID people are trying to subvert reason and science to get to the same place as the Young Earthers in the most dishonest way possible. All while pushing this notion of "teach the controversy", which is basically code for allowing people to proselytize for a particular religion in public schools.

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