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Comment Re:laughable (Score 1) 647

If the world were "fair" every single human would have as an inalienable right free access to decent food, housing, healthcare, and security and working beyond that would be an optional choice to better their life.

If the world were "fair" lazy shitbags who want decent food, housing, healthcare, and security without being willing to work for it would get tossed into a volcano.

Comment Re:From My Simpleton Point of View (Score 1) 535

You can't fire a developer that's leading in resolutions and completed requirements.

Boy are you going to be disappointed someday.

I wonder how he would have chosen people if he saw through an employee's thinly veiled attempts to make himself look better?

Just so you know, there is a reason why a lot of places ask you to do a self evaluation. As a manager myself, I find them useful because sometimes I miss things. I may *think* I have all of your accomplishments listed, but I may not. Or I may over or understate the relative importance, or the success. Sometimes I look at them and think that the person is more accurate than I am. I try to keep track of everything, but since I have to do it for so many people, things can get missed despite my best efforts. If you don't tell me, you might be missing out on raises or bonuses.

Keeping track of what you do, and the outcome of it is no more Machiavellian or bragging than putting together a resume is.

Comment Re:Appology for a wrong thing (Score 1, Troll) 653

I think all governments should do nothing but apologize for mistakes they've made all day every day. That is sure to be the most efficient use of their time. Either that or thin-skinned titty babies could just get over it, realize that people in general, and people in power in specific were different back then, and move the fuck on with their lives. Christ, it's not like he's still being force fed hormones.

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