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Comment Mylyn in Eclipse (Score 3, Informative) 198

I've recently been using Mylyn to give me a focussed view on the code I'm working on. I love the way it automatically adds things to the context as I click around.

Then of course there's the rather gorgeous "Run unit tests in context" to give me feedback on the things I've been tinkering with.

Comment Re:OK, the solution for this is easy... (Score 1) 341

Imagine if people could afford to live where they want to, get their kids the best education possible, and spend the time they wanted to with family and friends.

Some of us have already done this on our own.

Now that I don't live in London I've taken a hit on my salary and the types of work I can do. However, moving to the countryside has allowed me to spend that time with my kids instead. Today we went for a walk in the forest for a few hours and it was wonderful. We've been really lucky, we mandated a broadband connection as part of the move and the world has moved to make this a lifeline for banking, auctions, work, groceries, ... we rarely need to actually go anywhere to do things. That's quite a change from the trudge my parents had to do when I was a kid in the countryside.

I believe people have been doing this for centuries.[citation needed]'s not universally popular it appears

...maybe not even economic

...but they do a TV show on it

At the end of the day I feel fortunate that we can finance living in the country on a programmer's salary. Just like with having kids, I'd say my basic advice is to lower your expectations of what you'll have in life and you'll be fine.

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