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Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 124

From what I can tell the Itanium port is pretty immature. I actually have 3 Itania but haven't had a chance to work on bringing NetBSD up on real hardware. OpenBSD forked from NetBSD.

Comment Re:because - (Score 1) 793

Not a good analogy. Driving a car is more analogous to using a program than to writing one. So perhaps a better analogy would be anyone who can't build a model T in their garage is incompetent to be a mechanic. While that's overkill, there's some basic truth there. My experience is that people who didn't grow up on assembler and/or C have a very fuzzy idea as to what a pointer is, and often as to what a stack is or a memory space. It's particularly bad with people who learned Java as a first language.

Comment Re:Saudi Arabia (Score 1) 398

Not really. Almost no oil is used for electrical generation. We had a very warm winter in the NE US which is about the only area of the country that uses oil for heating. Cheap natural gas is mostly being used for electrical generation and industry (esp. feed stocks for plastics).

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