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Comment Condescending towards users much? (Score 1) 189

"clumsy user", "clueless user", "semi-rational user", "a sign that the user doesn't know what he is doing", ...

If you have ever conducted user studies of browsing behavior, you would see that the tasks that Aza describes are exactly the ones users perform in the real world. Why do you think it's unexpected for a user to pause a current browsing session and look for something unrelated, and wish to keep that search session separate from the previous one?

No, simply a new window would not be sufficient, because pretty soon, you end up with several different windows, and not all of us have the luxury of 30" displays to arrange them on. Yes, this is a window manager built into the browser, because default window managers have been inadequate in coping with the number of browser windows and applications users have open. If they were adequate, tabs would never have been needed in the first place.

From initial design sketches, this does seem like it will contribute its fair share to helping with the information overload problem. The only way to confirm that this is indeed a usable solution is to run it by users in real-world studies. You'd be surprised how much the average user or the power user differs from engineers and developers.

Comment Re:it's pretty much common knowledge (Score 2, Insightful) 770

+1 for Trepidity.

I'm a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. I have been fully funded all through my academic career here in the US at Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. The same is the case with many (but not 100%) students getting Masters and Ph.D.s in Computer Science that I know of. There usually are a few paid assistantship positions that require security clearance, but most basic and applied research is not confidential.

The funding isn't just a giveaway, of course -- I have to work for it and show results in return for the money from the NSF. As a symbiotic advantage, I get an advanced degree in the process.

Empirical evidence, though, and I don't know where I might find a citation for you.


Submission + - Integrating site search into browser chrome

manastungare writes: "Almost all major browsers now have a search box at the top right corner. However, it goes unused a majority of the time the user is already browsing a website. Given the importance of site-specific search to overall website usability, using the browser search box to perform site-specific searches would enhance usability to a large extent. Here is a proposal to integrate site-specific search boxes into browser chrome from a researcher in human-computer interaction from Virginia Tech. Thoughts, comments, and criticism from the Slashdot community are welcome!"

Submission + - Microsoft India serves Safari broken pages

manastungare writes: "A friend pointed me to Microsoft India's Vista Promotion, which I tried to access using Safari on my Mac. I got back a page that contained an infinite redirect loop. Upon changing the user-agent string to MSIE/Windows, the same page loaded with no errors. Microsoft have pulled this trick in the past during the launch of Windows XP (and again, and again). Why do they keep discriminating against browsers that are perfectly capable of handling their content?"

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