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Comment Yes, depending... (Score 1) 646

For work, coding, I like the mate/anti glare finish. It reduces the glare AND fingerprints from people pointing to things on the screen. For home use I do a lot of digital photography and I find the glossy screen to be crisper and better saturated than the others. Also I find the the color calibration works better as well.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Newsweek Easter Egg Reports Zombie Invasion 93

danielkennedy74 writes " becomes the latest in a long list of sites that will reveal an Easter egg if you enter the Konami code correctly (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter). This is a cheat code that appeared in many of Konami's video games, starting around 1986 — my favorite places to use it were Contra and Life Force, 30 lives FTW. The Easter egg was probably included by a developer unbeknownst to the Newsweek powers that be. It's reminiscent of an incident that happened at ESPN last year, involving unicorns."

Comment Re:To that I'll add (Score 1) 441

I agree, mostly. However, I'm at at point in my life that I'm trying to change jobs, and move to another area. EVERY job I've looked at requires a Bachelors degree minimum, and most want a Masters. I have an Associates Degree. I can't even get through the HR filter. I'm a damn good programmer, I've worked with those so called graduates and most can't even write a simple piece of 2 way matching code in COBOL let alone in SQL or C++. One individual I worked with would spend hours searching through code he could "hack" and make it do what he wanted instead of sitting down and just writing what needed to be written. My first compiled language was FORTRAN IV on an IBM 360

Comment Don't blame the guilty party, no... (Score 1) 1343

She shot herself "after her stepfather left his loaded Smith & Wesson handgun out on a table"! 3 year olds play with what ever they find laying around, I know I've had two of them. If they had not had a Wii, and the circumstances were other wise the same the same tragedy would still of happened. DON"T LEAVE LOADED GUNS WHERE CHILDREN CAN FIND THEM AND PLAY WITH THEM!

Comment Re:Not Bad Math At All (Score 1) 356

True, however propane is a by product of crude oil refining, although now it is optimized. Still my point is that the closer you get the "work" to the energy source the more efficient the machine can be. There are too many factors for us arm chair nrg guru's to consider. I don't want to even think of all the wages, labor, and cost of the devices used to obtain the raw material in the first place. What is the carbon foot print required to construct the drilling rig to extract the crude oil? What is the cost of the refinery to refine it? You see where I'm going. To say that the electric vehicle is more green because it uses electricity is misleading at best.

Comment Re:Not Bad Math At All (Score 0) 356

"ALSO, you people are forgetting to mention the carbon footprint the electric one has: is it's power source a petro power station? Or a coal power station?" Not to mention that first the fossil fuel was converted to electricity, then stored chemically, then re-converted to electricity which is finally turned into work. With a propane powered unit the propane is converted directly, or more directly into work. The fossil fuel is combusted, producing heat which is converted to rotational energy which geared down to drive the machine. The question is which is more efficient? From a consumer, the operator of the the resurfacer, most likely it is the electric version. However, when all losses are taken into account, I suspect the more direct approach may be more efficient. Just my $0.02

Palm Pre and WebOS Get Native Gaming 49

rboatright writes "WebOS developers have been waiting, and with the 1.3.5 release, Palm's open source page suddenly listed SDL. Members of the WebOS internals team took that as a challenge and within 24 hours had a working port of Doom running in SDL on the Pre, in a webOS card. 48 hours later, they not only had Quake running, but had found in the latest LunaSysMgr the requirements to launch a native app from the webOS app launcher from an icon just like any other app. At the same time, the team demonstrated openGL apps running. With full native code support, with I/O available via SDL, developers now have a preview into Palm's future intent with regard to native code SDK's, and a hint of what's coming."

Pirates as a Marketplace 214

John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts, made some revealing comments in an interview with Kotaku about how the company's attitudes are shifting with regard to software piracy. Quoting: "Some of the people buying this DLC are not people who bought the game in a new shrink-wrapped box. That could be seen as a dark cloud, a mass of gamers who play a game without contributing a penny to EA. But around that cloud Riccitiello identified a silver lining: 'There's a sizable pirate market and a sizable second sale market and we want to try to generate revenue in that marketplace,' he said, pointing to DLC as a way to do it. The EA boss would prefer people bought their games, of course. 'I don't think anybody should pirate anything,' he said. 'I believe in the artistry of the people who build [the games industry.] I profoundly believe that. And when you steal from us, you steal from them. Having said that, there's a lot of people who do.' So encourage those pirates to pay for something, he figures. Riccitiello explained that EA's download services aren't perfect at distinguishing between used copies of games and pirated copies. As a result, he suggested, EA sells DLC to both communities of gamers. And that's how a pirate can turn into a paying customer."

Comment 7 Pounds is 12 weeks (Score 1) 978

while not fantastic it is in the ball park. I've been losing weight at a rate of about 1-2 pounds per week for the past 15-20 weeks. I've lost about 28 pounds at a rate of about 1-2 pounds a week. When you crash diet your body goes into "survival mode" so you loose the weight but as soon as you stop the diet, your body goes into "storage" mode to store up provisions for the next "famine". Best to watch how much and what you eat AND get moderate exercise, and increase your metabolic rate. As long as your intake is less than your output you will loose weight. You didn't gain it overnight why should you try to loose it overnight.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Command & Conquer MMO a Possibility? 159

TheProphet92 sends along a speculative piece about the future of EA's popular RTS franchise, writing: "EA's real-time strategy games don't have the luxury of extensive funding the way some other franchises do. EA has been milking their game engines for all they're worth and then some. They have been using various versions of the 'Sage' engine for the past half-dozen or so RTS games, and they need money to make a new one. Perhaps an MMO is the way to go for EA, using none other than their famous Command & Conquer franchise."

Comment Internet and Camping mutually exclusive (Score 1) 438

As one who has just returned from camping, Mammoth Caves NP and Blue Ridge, I can say that cell service is most definitely ubiquitous, neither are Star Bucks. We did find one coffee shop with free WiFi. Of course we weren't looking very hard. About the only thing I needed my laptop for was storage for my camera cards. Leave the internet at home, it WILL be there when you get back. BTW, ditch the RV too much more of an adventure in a tent.

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