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Submission + - OpenOffice Releases 3.3.0 Release Candidate 9 (

jonesy16 writes: "I used to think that Release Candidates meant that the code was "finalized" and ready for release. Apparently it means something else to the OpenOffice team who has now released their 9th iteration of supposedly release ready code for the OpenOffice office suite. Between this and the new forks, is there any hope for the prominent MS Office alternative?"

Submission + - AI does well on Jeopardy (

mikejuk writes: Watson, IBM's latest intelligent machine, crushes human opposition in a practice round of Jeopardy. Is this the end of human dominance of the planet? Fortunately for use it still doesn't have a sense of humour so it not only gets quirky questions wrong it doesn't laugh when it does. Watson won convincingly in the first practice round, earning $4,400, while Ken Jennings trailed with $3,400. Brad Rutter, who has earned a cumulative $3.3 million on the show, came in last.
Watson will appear on the real show on the 14th, 15th and 16th of February.

Comment Re:$100,000? (Score 1) 309

You're probably right, I just don't deal with anything that big so it's foreign to me. Heck, I have to max out a Dell R910 to get anywhere close to 6 figures and I'm still short, and that seems like overkill for whatever this company would need. I only pick on Sun cause they're one of the few where I've seen preconfigured systems (SPARC systems) starting in the 6 figure range. I sure haven't seen it in the X86 world. Thanks for the info.

Comment Flame on (Score 1) 309

I honestly wasn't trying to flame, I'm legitimately curious as to whether he shot a single $100,000 machine or that's just a number the authorities are throwing out there as the "intrinsic worth" of the machine, e.g., includes the cost of recreating the data stored, etc.

At that price it just sounds more like a huge Sun SPARC system or something, I'm just curious what.

Comment Re:I'm sure it really helps (Score 1) 414

Many retailers are like this. Best Buy offers, occasionally, decent discounts online. However, if you go into the brick and mortar store they won't match their price online. Even going so far as to let you go up to one of their demo laptops, order the product from their website with in-store pickup, and then waiting for them to process the online order. This just infuriates me.

The Media

Wikileaks Releases Video of Journalist Killings 1671

linguizic writes "Today Wikileaks released a video of the US military firing large caliber weapons into a crowd that included a photojournalist and a driver for Reuters, and at a van containing two children who were involved in a rescue. Wikileaks maintains that this video was covered up by the US military when Reuters asked for an official investigation. This is the same video that has supposedly made the editors of Wikileaks a target of the State Department and/or the CIA, as was discussed a couple weeks ago." Needless to say, this video is probably not work safe (language and violence), and not for the faint of heart.

Comment Re:Maybe not a crisis (Score 1) 636

Well personally, since you pretty much have to link your iPhone to a single iTunes on a single computer, it was a pain when a new OS got rolled out and I had to wait until I got home (if I was traveling, etc) to get the update. Furthermore, it means that you're in a similar situation to the one being discussed, where you have no way of guaranteeing that iPhone's are all running the same OS version. At least they have the option to, that's a plus that Android phones right now can't claim.

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