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Comment Re:Paper printout (Score 1) 212

I keep a working 486 with both 5.25" drive and older 3.1 floppy drives as well as an old 2x CD burner and Dos 6.22. I boot it up once a year to make sure everything still works. It hasn't happened too often, but in the past two years I've had two clients were it's saved their ass.

One was a small company that was still running their entire database off an old 386 box. Eventually it got to the point where their tape drive failed and it was time to move to a new system before they could sell their company and retire. Fortunately the company that created their original software was still around and more than happy to convert the data...IF you could get it to them on an optical disk or external hard drive.

The other time were articles of incorporation and bylaws for another company saved to a 5.25" floppy and again managed to recover and save the data.

I even have a working XT as well, or assume it still works I haven't booted it in probably 5 years.

Comment Re:Lets just cut off the food aid (Score 4, Interesting) 597

They'll starve. There was a documentary made when some western doctors went to NK a few years ago to do things like cataract surgeries. After they got their surgeries and could see again, the first thing they did was turn to the closest picture of dear leader and begin praying to it. Literally praying to the picture as it being the representation of their Dear Leader who is a Man-God.

I've since known people who have had dealings with NK as part of the UN. I've asked many of them if what we saw in the documentary was even remotely true and the answer was astoundingly yes. That among the population of the cities at least, that is how the leaders of the country are seen by the "loyal political" class. Even in the country side where there is mass starvation there is at least the appearance of that belief.

Comment Re:It can be incredibly hostile (Score 0) 231

There is a lot of truth about how women are treated in gaming. I saw it in BSGO once the other faction found out someone was a woman and the flaming insults that would then be directed towards them in Open Local. I've found it to be extremely different though in STO, but mostly due to the nature of game. And frankly a lot more women play STO than some of the other games and I can see why as PVP is extremely optional and there is a lot of other things to do. Although I think there would be a few people embarrassed in Kerret if they knew they were getting owned in PVP by women. But without a voice server you'd never know it.

Comment Re:The real reason the desktop pc is on the declin (Score 1) 219

I guess I should hand in my geek card now because I no longer see the need in having a computer in the house. I don't even have a laptop anymore. I have an iMac at the office. At home I have my iPad and an iPhone. First iPad I had I got the keyboard case. I found it was handy in a pinch, but not that often. When I got my latest iPad I just got a case that protects the screen and a docking station for my house. At the office, I'm going to use the iMac. At home, I do need to write an occasional long personal email, so having the full sized keyboard is nice there. I use the device to read, watch netflix & hulu, check facebook, watch youtube, and email. For work meetings the iPad with a stylus pen takes notes just fine for me and it a lot lighter to lug around than a laptop.

Comment We missed the boat on the infrustructure.. (Score 3, Insightful) 238

The US should have been building the fiber lines based around a munipal/county model much the way most water/sewer systems work where the city/county government installs and maintains the lines and then leases out that line to whatever ISP the customer wants. Then we would have been allowed actual competition. Charter offers you the best package, fine you sign up for Charter for $X per month and they pay the city/county $y per month to lease the line. Want Mom&Pop ISP that charges $Z per month, great, they still pay the city/county $y per month to lease the line.

That is something at the local level I would have voted a bond issue, sales tax increase, or property tax increase for without a problem.

Instead we have the system we have now...

Comment Re:I don't understand the "high cap" magazine ban (Score 1) 1862

Up until the point soceity reaches the breaking point, then things can spirial and spirial quickly. Look at the LA Riots. Now imgaine something that triggers unrest of that level, but breaks out in a dozen major cities at the same time.

And with social media and the internet if something really because if enough people really felt real changed needed to come it could happen and happen quickly. We just havn't reached that point yet. Likely we could do the whole 20 million man flashmob thing using wide spread protests to make our point. The day when those people are labelled as an insurrection to be quelled...well that will be an interesting day.

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1) 1862

Then read up on the mall shooting that happened the weekend before Sandy Hook. It was stopped when a civilian, non-LEO/Military as far as I've read, confronted the shooter with his conceal carry pistol, was unable to get a clean shot and held his fire. The shooter then went and killed himself. And that is what happens in most of the cases when a mass shooter is confronted by police or another armed civilian. Those shooters are looking for victums, not a fight.

Comment Re:Going the wrong way (Score 1) 1862

They want all guns banned. And it works something like this. A tragedy happens like the one last month:

"We must ban all 'Assault-rifles' and hi cap mags. Don't worry sportsmen, your guns are safe."

Ban goes into place, and then a few weeks/months/years later another incident happens.

"We must limit magazines further to 5 rounds and ban handguns. Don't worry sportsmen, you're guns are safe."

Ban goes into place, and then a few weeks/months/years later another incident happens.

"We must limit guns to single shot rimfire and shotguns, don't worry sportsmen, you can still hunt."

Ban goes into place and a few weeks/months/years later another incident happens:

"We must ban all guns. (Well unless you're really rich or something)".

That is the method they are using wanting to follow models of how it happened in Austrailia and the UK throughout the 1980's and 90's.

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