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Comment Meanwhile, down here in Missouri... (Score 1) 444

I own about 500 acres that I rent out. Last year we had our best yielding soybean crop yet plus the prices were up there. I know we sold most of ours at about $15 a bushel last year and even booked a bunch this year @ $14 a bushel.

Rice yields last year were up, but not by a large amount. This year's rice looks to be a slight improvement over last year and the beans are still in the field, yet is the most consistent stand I've ever seen in 20 years on the farms.

The farm income and my work income are about the same and the farms earn more than my wife's salary and she's a corporate attorney at a Fortune 300 and makes decent money.

Comment Re:Not quite (Score 1) 242

No, their supposed to be spying on every other government and country. They are all spying on us as well. It's the dirty little secret of diplomacy, everyone is spying on everyone else.

The problem has become that the lines of separation between foreign intelligence and domestic intelligence gathering is getting extremely blurred. Foreign figure A has an account on Facebook with friends in the US. NSA et. al. collects the data on Foreign figure, but now that includes data on US citizens as well...

I mean it's clear the domestic dragnet far outreaches the example above, but again the lines are getting rather fuzzy...

Comment What's the difference between a drone & R/C pl (Score 3, Interesting) 195

At what point is a hobby shop R/C Airplane or Helicopter a drone? I used to enjoy flying R/C planes as a teen. I mean they were the "trainers". I never had the space to dedicate a workshop towards building the larger model planes until recently. And delicate (and easily breakable) R/C planes and young kids probably wouldn't matter much.

I now wonder if by the time kids get old enough to know better if I'll be able to get back into the hobby due to every R/C plane being classified as a drone...

Comment They stopped making the games I wanted to play... (Score 1) 272

I left PC gaming over a decade ago about the time Ubisoft bought Red Storm Entertainment and ruined the Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon series turning them from tactical shooters into just an another arcade shoot 'em up. That's also when the space & combat flight sim genres died as well.

Well I'm actually looking at getting a gaming PC now because of Star Citizen. They've met their $23M goal to make a AAA title and I'm stoked. It's the game I've wanted to play ever since Wing Commander Privateer.

On the console side, I had a lot of fun with the 360. I sure logged a lot of hours on BF3, I know gimped compared to the PC version but still fun to fire up and play a round here and there, as well as the Halo series from Bungie. Frankly though in the past couple years the Xbox has streamed Netflix more than played games. Halo 4 just didn't feel like Halo. I don't know why it just seemed kinda meh. And the early reviews of BF4 is also kinda meh. BF3 wasn't great, but it was fun.

I looked at what it was going to cost for BF4 & a PS4 or XBone and decided to buy a 325a for Star Citizen and put the $500 of a new console towards a new PC next year for the release of SC Persistent Universe. What I have now should get me through Alpha/Beta. Instead of renewing my XBL Gold Subscription (Blu-ray player will stream netflix now) I'm buying either an Aurora LN or Avenger ship in star citizen.

Comment Ubuntu is meh... (Score 1) 419

If I have to admin the thing I use SuSE/OpenSuSE. Why? Because since 2000 it's been the most reliable for me to get up and running out of the box with the least hassle.

Currently we're running Ubuntu on AWS for our test servers building a prototype with plans to run Debian on production. That's what the sysadmin for that project is most familiar with. As long as it's REHL/CentOS, SuSE/OpenSuSE, or Debian or it could be Solaris or FreeBSD as far as I care. So long as it runs PostgreSQL & Node.

Comment Re:Yikes (Score 2) 419

Exactly. When the Tea Party first hit the scene circa 2009 and was basically a populist movement based on fiscal responsibility and constitutional rule I identified with them. If you look, these are basically Goldwater Republicans. Then the crazies of the party hijacked it and as soon as Sarah Palin showed up, the vast middle of the road independents left the show.

The current make up of the GOP is no longer the party of Goldwater. The last of that generation was probably the Bob Dole's of the world and as he once said, "By the late 1990's I [one of the founders of the Goldwater conservative movements, was being called a moderate by my own party."

Sorry this shutdown was a strategic mistake politically. If the Tea Party had gone along with another 11th hour resolution to keep the government funded a few more months the story on Oct 1st would have been the Cluster Fuck that is Instead it was all about them.

Comment Re:Bad data (Score 1) 105

This. I was making about $50k a year out of college in a medium sized midwestern city. Two years later I got an offer in DC for closer to $80k. Didn't take me long to realize I should have stayed at the old place as my rent for a nice two bedroom apartment was $850 a month vs $2500 a month for about the same thing in the DC area.

Comment Re:fascinating tech (Score 1) 321

I have a friend who is a HFT programmer for a hedge fund in NYC. As he said, he got a six figure bonus for optimizing an algorithm by 4 milliseconds. That's on top of the nearly $250,000 he makes on salary. As he said, yeah, making the extra $100k was nice, but probably made the fund $100M.

He was surprised when I was asking him where they were in the datacenter and a few questions like that as I've read up on that kind of thing back when I worked around what was dubbed a decade ago HPC. (I guess it's "the cloud" now).

Makes me think I chose the wrong career path...

Comment I was at an MS developers event last year... (Score 1, Interesting) 398

I still have my free copy of Windows 8 Pro that I've yet to install. Some of us were talking in the Elevator about it's over all UI changes and their argument made sense: develop a single consistent UI across all their platforms from Desktop to Notebook, to tablet, to phone to Xbox, oh and we expect that all future PC's will have touch screens.

It was that last part that was the gotcha. If Touch screens on laptops and desktops were really all that great, Apple would have been doing it years ago. The fact that they don't should tell you something. And having previously written point of sale software I can tell you that many of our clients tried touch screen terminals and often times went back to keyboard & Mouse.

The other huge problem on the desktop side are that business people have been trained on windows with their start menu for 15 years. Changing that presents a huge and massive disruption in workflow costing lots of money in retraining time.

Now if the metro UI was available at the touch of a button, much like Launchpad on the mac, but still had the windows 7ish start button underneath, that could of worked.

Comment Re:Ubuntu 13.10 (Score 1) 398

Meh, distro XYZ has become "too mainstream". I've got to start using distro New Hotness for the next year, maybe two. Then it will be "too maintstream" and it will be time to find another Linux new hotness distro. Maybe it will be SteamOS next. Until it gets to be too mainstream, or people complain, "But it's not really GNU/Linux just like Android isn't really Linux because it's not GNU!" And then people wonder why the year of the Linux desktop has never materialized.

Well that and the fact that Apple made a better Unix desktop. The people I know who switched to OSX circa 2002 were Linux users, not windows. And they were people like me who saw the best of all world in OSX. We had our *iux development environment, support of major commercial software such as MS Office & Adobe Products as well as at least some major game titles, and laptops with hardware that actually worked. (Okay I know that last part has gotten better, but still every time in the past decade when I've gone to try Linux on the desktop again something hasn't worked without a workaround)
When Apple moved to Intel chips, well then we could run Windows via virtualization or bootcamp allowing people like me to have 1 machine, work, and test on both OSX & Windows.

Comment Re:choice doesn't *require* bad defaults (Score 4, Interesting) 361

A lot depends on who and what you are targeting. If eyeballs and advertising is what you after supporting Android is a must. But if you are after in-app purchases as your revenue model, it's iOS you want.

I've been developing mobile apps since 2009. Early on I was making as much off ad revenue vs app purchases, but by last year the ad revenue went in the crapper. So much so that I stopped releasing updates for android. By that time Android accounted for a little over 60% of the installs. It accounted for less than 15% of my revenues. Android accounted for over 90% of my complaints and requests for support because someone with a cheap pay-as-you-go android phone would run into a problem on a device I didn't even know existed. I was making at most a couple thousand a month from the apps, mostly from iOS users. It was enough that it paid my basic living expenses like rent & utilities meaning my day job work could go into savings. But it wasn't enough for me to go out and buy every freaking handset on the market at $600 a pop.

Now on the professional day job part of the world we usually price for iOS first and includes QA for current generation and usually the previous 2 generations before that. Right now if you paid us to write an app, we'd ensure compatibility with the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 & iPad 2, Retina, Mini. Next month it will likely be 5S/C, 5, 4S & iPad Retina, Mini, + whatever is announced next week.

For Android we will test against Nexus Phone & Tablet and certify QA with those devices only and it costs our clients about 1.5xiOS. Why? Because we know we'll be answering "QA for XYZ handset was not covered in the contract" a few times. So we build it into the price of the contract. We do offer QA for additional handsets & tablets @ $5,000 per Android handset/tablet. Most of our clients will maybe ask for QA against the latest Samsung Galaxy devices and that's it. Only one that I can think of asked for Samsung & Motorola because the boss man had a motorola phone.

When Android first started we tried to QA against as many handsets as we could and we were losing money on those contracts. When Google released their official devices we decided, even though nobody used them in the mass market, those would be what we'd test against. That was the "official" devices for compatibility. What handset makers & carriers did beyond that we'd have to charge extra to fix because we'd run into the same model android phone would have odd quirks between different carriers sometimes.

Comment Re:Tone down your rhetoric (Score 1) 348

This. In the last two years I've seen our customer base really no longer caring about their website. They see the usage statistics and simply put many of my clients are now above 50% views from phones & tablets, some were upwards of 80%. In the last year we've moved to using responsive designs, but my clients are now asking for basically Apps that people can download from the app stores.

I've been building on average 2 HTML5 + jQueryMobile + PhoneGap apps a month that are really nothing more than glorified RSS readers and/or shuffling around the same content from the web on a mobile device. Occasionally someone will want a fancier app that we'll do in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. But end of the day, that's just HTML5 + Phonegap.

Comment Re:Do the kids still chase the newest video card? (Score 2) 75

And then there's star citizen. Honestly I'm looking at purchasing my first PC for gaming in over a decade. The last PC I bought primarily for gaming purposes was around 2001. Then the studios stopped producing the flight, space combat sims and FPS's like the original Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon games I liked to play.

I've been looking around. I have a 3 year old desktop here that I'm thinking for $150 for a new PSU and 7xxx AMD card will get me through the beta for Star Citizen.

So I've just started looking around. I'm glad to here these new cards use even less power making having to spend $50 for a new PSU maybe less of a need and I can put it towards a better graphics card...

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