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Comment Re:Time to use Blender? No. Here's why: (Score 1) 89

Has Blender stopped making major UI changes every six months? Because that was what was happening a few years ago. I enjoyed doing 3D as a hobby. Got started with Lightwave in College, but at $3k at the time it was a little pricy for me. Blender was free and while it took more tweaking to get similar results it could be done and it was fun. For me the hobbyist Blender 2.25 ~ 2.41 was great.

Well then Blender began making huge UI changes every few months. By the time I'd relearn it, update files, it would change again. Which meant hours of going back and redoing old shots. And given that I only had a few hours every week I said screw and bought a copy of Lightwave 9 for around $1000.

What amazed me most was while there were new features it took me about a sunday afternoon to relearn myself with the UI of lightwave 9. Frankly it hadn't changed that much since the days of 5.6 I used in College. Lightwave 9 was about 10 years after 5.6. A consistent UI for a decade. Whether it was a good/bad ui is up for debate, but at least it was consistent.

Comment Re:The US should stay out of it (Score 1) 222

Oh, there is a way to win a middle east conflict. Genghis Khan figured this out during his life time and the same principle still applies. If you are going to fight a war in the middle east: leave no survivors. They seem to understand, and respect, unadulterated violence and little else.

The violence over there only ends with mushroom clouds. At this point I'm convinced of that. Whom ends up nuking whom first/last whatever I don't know. I just don't see anyway of really preventing the powers that be from getting ahold of nuclear weapons. And those powers seem to be bat shit crazy enough to use them too.

Comment Re:Who is getting ripped off here? (Score 1) 106

It's kinda of like the reddit fake it till you make it. If you have a business or product with 50k likes vs. 1000 likes people start to look at things differently. No one says how you got the 50k likes, but it leaves the impression to people that there is a rabid fan base.

I spent the last year working with emerging fashion designers. It's an industry that thrives on appearances even if there is nothing underneath. My clients were attempting to build likes and interest organically a few at a time. One of them decided to spent $150 on "likes" and followers and got around 20k I believe. Once they got that number, they went from getting 1 or 2 new likes a day to 15 - 20 new likes a day even after the campaign stopped. Same with followers which led them being noticed by a few boutiques around the country leading to picking up 6 new boutiques ordering about $3,500 worth of merchandise for Spring 2014. They found the collection via instagram or pinterest and then contacted the designer. Compared to many other forms of marketing they have tried over the past two years, by far it's been the biggest ROI. Which frankly, surprised me, because I thought it was wasted money at the time.

Once people see that a lot of people "like" something, they are more inclined to like it themselves or explore the product/service further. It's all there to create an illusion. It's the bandwagon effect.

I have a feeling that very soon we'll see people offering "qualified likes" for more $$$.

Comment Once iOS and Android Licensed Exchange (Score 5, Interesting) 139

It was over for blackberry. Mr. CEO could now check his email on the exchange server, sync his calendars, and the rest without the purchase and maintenance of an extra (and rather expensive) Blackberry Enterprise Server. Once that happened, it was game over for Blackberry.

Once Android licensed Exchange it was much the same way.

Comment Questions (Score 1) 558

I run a couple Wordpress sites for people and ran into massive spam problems. Askimet solved many of the comment spams, but not user registration. Eventually found a plug in that inserts random questions like What is the fourth word of the sentence." Or What colour is the sky? That has effectively blocked 99.9% of splog spam.

Comment Re:Apple isn't Google's rival (Score 2) 223

You mean iWork's Syncing between computers & iOS versions/devices? Yeah, it may work for home users but not for businesses. I learned this the hardway. The iOS versions don't have all the templates compared to the dektops and the ability to share and edit bewteen multiple people doesn't work unless you are all on the same iTunes account. Unfortunately they don't really offer a small business edition of iCloud. I wish they did.

We've ended up with SkyDrive & Office365. It's not without it's own set of problems, but overall meets our needs extremely well. And with the SkyDrive App on iOS we can show powerpoint presentations and edit online if need be from iPads, etc..

The Irony is that Microsoft and Apple both need each other. And Microsoft has started to become far better about opening up support for other devices. With the surface being a no go, MS really needs to revaluate creating a version of Office for iPad.

Comment Re:Margin compression (Score 1) 251

More likely market saturation rather than competition. Basically at this point most people who want a tablet have one. And unlike phones, people don't seem to be as in a rush to replace them with the latest and greatest. I know a lot of people who bought iPads as attempted laptop replacements and found that it almost worked. I know I went out and got a new laptop.

Ironically I'm on my iPad at the moment waiting for people to arrive and get a meeting started. The presenation and everything is on the iPad. I left the laptop at the office yesterday and felt no need to drive downtown to get it for this meetin this morning. The iPad will work just fine.

Comment Re:Congrats, Unknown Lamer... (Score 1) 135

As the parent said: Apple created an easy to use GUI and made it work. He didn't say just the Printer Dialog in OSX. Remember the world of printing in Linux prior to Apple taking over CUPS? I do. As much as it's cool to rip apple on /. these days, the next time you can easily attach and use a printer in *iux remember to thank the folks at Apple.

Comment Re:Android local printing (Score 1) 135

I wonder if Google has realized that Samsung is now the greatest threat to Android and not Apple. I know in building mobile Apps we've changed our policy from testing on the Google Devices, additional handset QA extra to testing "Android" on Galaxy SIII, S4, and Galaxy Tab as that's now what most of our clients now identify as "Android".

Samsung is not a small company and I'm wondering how long it will be until they say, "So long and thanks for the OS. We're forking and replacing your services with our own."

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