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Comment Re:delete key? what? (Score 2) 391

then you got to learn how to use keyboard if you keep hitting insert instead of delete.

I'm a business owner, i sell hosting services, manage tons of servers, code etc etc.

I *REFUSE* to use any keyboard which has non regular insert/delete key positioning, sizing or anything. how they are, is best how they are. I need both keys, regularly, each and every day.

For example, i cannot use any logitech keyboard as they have non-standard layouts. It's simply slow and hard to paste into SSH.

Also VIM uses either key i or insert to enable writing, and to get to replace mode only key allowing that is insert.

Both of those keys are immensively valuable for me, and i'm sure for tons of other geeks out there, pretty much anyone who uses SSH regularly, or linux.

Like another commenter (joaommp just below) who's never been so pissed on /., i am too and i got to agree 100% with joaommp: Timothy, you are in idiot.

Comment Re:Stupid action (Score 1) 715

wikileaks has from get-go been about publishing those documents, not to judge them, or decide what's worth their salt and what's not.

You could say they are new age of journalist: Publishing massive sets of data, and others can make the patterns and stories out of it. ie. publishing raw material.

They are doing exactly what they said to do. Whether or not this is due to Assange's ego is 100% irrelevant

Comment Re:Sorry, no "dirty tricks" campaign here... (Score 1) 1060

Hmm, someone could speculate why it's such a big thing here in Finland "to take a cruise to sweden" which is synonymous "let's get to a boat and get wasted for couple days, have immense amounts of sex and come back with a hangover lasting atleast 3 days". All the swedish women going on a boat to get some without rubber? XD

Comment Re:Sorry, no "dirty tricks" campaign here... (Score 1) 1060

You notice that you are promoting limitation of the freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, right?

Certainly there is somethings which are better left unspoken and only harm could come if publicized, but that is very rare occurence, and if that information comes public, do not blame the messenger or free journalism.

Comment Re:Is this Wikileaks day? (Score 1) 810

Indeed, and all that leads to the fact that warrant for arrest is being used for other reasons, and the accusations are a smokescreen. Assange working like free press should, seems very illegal from the point of view of some too powerful governments?

Who knows, time will tell

Comment Re:Is this Wikileaks day? (Score 1) 810

Indeed, him publishing leaked stuff, and the accusations are two separate things. Supporting him to publish this stuff, does not mean you support anything he does.

Also, it's widely out of proportions the accusations. Interpol most wanted? Oh come on... It's all media frenzy infowar

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