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Comment The judge could just revoke his parole... (Score 3, Informative) 449

...and allow him to finish the rest of his sentence in jail or prison. If he's on probation that means he was convicted of the crime and therefore bail is not involved at all. If not being allowed to use a computer is cruel and unusual punishment, then my whole childhood was cruel and unusual. I guess he'll just have to learn to read books, talk to people, play board games, and play sports.

Comment You should see what they charge for Windows Update (Score 1) 454

Was at a Buy More the other week looking at laptops. Heard the salesman give his spiel to some other unwitting victim about how they should pay them $100 to bring all the software up to date on a PC that hasn't even left the store. Basically, they wanted to charge them $100 to run Windows Update. Bend over and say you like it.


Stats Show iPhone Owners Get More Sex 397

An anonymous reader writes "According to OK Cupid's survey of 552,000 user pictures iPhone users have more sexual partners than BlackBerry or Android owners. By age 30, the average male iPhone user has had about 10 partners while female iPhone users have had 12. By contrast, BlackBerry users hover around 8 partners and Android users have a mere 6. As the blog's author's wryly observe: 'Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting f*@ked by Apple.'"

Best Places To Work In IT 2010 205

CWmike writes "These top-rated IT workplaces combine choice benefits with hot technologies and on-target training. Computerworld's 17th annual report highlights the employers firing on all cylinders. The Employer Scorecard ranks IT firms based on best benefits, retention, training, diversity, and career development. Also read what IT staffs have to say about job satisfaction. How's your workplace, IT folk?" Read below for a quick look at the top 10 IT workplaces according to this survey.

3rd-Grader Busted For Jolly Rancher Possession 804

theodp writes "A third-grader in a small Texas school district received a week's detention for merely possessing a Jolly Rancher. Leighann Adair, 10, was eating lunch Monday when a teacher confiscated the candy. Her parents said she was in tears when she arrived home later that afternoon and handed them the detention notice. But school officials are defending the sentence, saying the school was abiding by a state guideline that banned 'minimal nutrition' foods. 'Whether or not I agree with the guidelines, we have to follow the rules,' said school superintendent Jack Ellis."

Comment It will still suck (Score 1, Interesting) 143

I've wanted to like Opera for years, but I don't like the way it caches data...for example using the Yuku (old EZ Board) message board. If there are new articles, I have to manually hit refresh to detect them when I navigate back to the page later on. IE, Firefox, and Chrome automatically detect the changes, Opera does not. Maybe there is a setting I could change, but why should I when the other browsers work fine out of the box for this.

Comment Money is a good fashion accessory too... (Score 1) 6

Watched a scene on Oprah where they had the women rate 3 men from 1 to 10. They hunkiest guy they said was a 9 and the worst guy was a 4. Then they took the pics to the street and along with the pics they put a fictional bio that included job and income. The 9 guy they gave a $25,000 income. The 4 guy they gave a $375,000 income. The women on the street rated the 9 guy a 5 and they rated the 4 guy a 10.

Comment Twenty real reasons he resigned--according to Woot (Score 1) 128


Don't believe the disinformation doublespeak about why Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from the Apple Board of Directors this morning. For the story the Applo-Googlo-controlled media doesn't want you to hear, check out the following straight-ish dope leaked by our sources on "the inside". (What those sources are inside of, we're not saying.)

      1. Too busy now that gmail is out of beta
      2. Nervous about the Apple board's new zero-tolerance meth policy
      3. Couldn't afford the gas for the Google-to-Apple monthly commutes
      4. Just about to crush Apple with gTunes. Oops, did we just leak that?
      5. Preparing to run for governor of Alaska
      6. Can no longer deny that the Zune is the future
      7. Just felt that they'd grown apart: "It's not Apple, it's me"
      8. Tired of lecturing Millard Drexler about his foot-odor problem
      9. Somebody keeps eating his pudding out of the break-room fridge
    10. Offended about the tetherball court being removed at AT&T's request
    11. Confused about how outsourcing works, he's going to serve on the board of some company in India
    12. Won't have time now that he's playing bass for Nickelback
    13. Upset that Steve Jobs refuses to release his real birth certificate
    14. Now he can get that Palm Pre he's been eyeing
    15. Never really forgave the Klingons for the death of his boy
    16. Board meetings interfered with his plans to camp out for opening night of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
    17. Decided to dedicate his life to finally finding a cure for fan death
    18. Could no longer stand the anxiety of hiding his forbidden love for Steve Wozniak
    19. Was only ever in it for the advance copy of Snow Leopard anyway
    20. Couldn't resolve the conflict over which company was going to buy Woot

Comment Here I was... (Score 1) 6

...thinking that my ex was the only woman in the world to forget our anniversaries--the last 7 in a row. Technically she's not legally an ex, but I'm working on it. Why do all the TV shows give men shit about forgetting anniversaries. I remembered anniversaries and birthdays, but the bitch didn't.

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