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Comment Recent graduate with PhD != student (Score 2, Informative) 183

The article states that this work is being done by a recent graduate in a PhD program. That doesn't make him a student. A young Ph.D. has developed a low power controller for a phased array radio receiver. This is a nice piece of kit with a range of applications in mobile devices. It builds upon technologies that have in the past been dominated by defense contractors. Our young Ph.D. is helping to make this technology more accessible to the 99% of the world who are not spooks. This is all good, even if it is not groundbreaking.

Comment Phased array are physically robust (Score 1) 183

Any directional antenna needs to be aimed. Bump it an you loose the signal. with a phased array, you can combine the signals from each 'antenna-let' to act like a dish as far as signal strength is concerned. If you want to connect to multiple satellites, you don't need to move anything, you just have the signal processor combine the signals with different phases to lock into a different direction.

Playboy Launches Safe For Work Website 98

If you're one of the three people in the world who actually reads Playboy for the articles, today is your lucky day. Every young boy's favorite magazine to find in their uncle's closet has launched a "safe for work" website. From the article: " will contain none of the nudity that makes NSFW — not suitable for work. Instead, it'll rely on humor to reach Playboy's target audience, men 25 to 34 years old, when they are most likely to be in front of a computer screen."

Comment No, there are already safeguards vs voter fraud (Score 1) 780

Petitions are used to cause governments to react. There are usually laws that require a government to respond if when there are a sufficient number of petitioners. Getting candidates placed on the ballot is just one example. Barak Obama used these rules to have competitors who didn't have the legal number of signatures removed from local elections when he was running in Chicago, for example. This is hardball politics, but it is certainly within the rules. If the list is not made public, what is to prevent a proponent of some petition to add names, either by accident or malice? If the list is public, a 3rd party has the opportunity to look for errors.

Comment That was tried... (Score 1) 371

There was some government money (DARPA, I think) was was used to fund some development of OpenBSD. But then Theo, a Canadian, expressed his feelings about the invasion of Iraq. The money disappeared suddenly. (See and find the "DARPA funding cancellation' section.) The JASONs, it seems, have to answer to politicians. If you are more kind to the JASONs, you could note that the funding was yanked in April, 2003. The JASONs traditionally work in July, August, September, October and November so they only have to miss one semester. So in April, DARPA has all the bureaucrats and fewer JASONs.

Comment In other news, 4 is greater than 1 (Score 2, Insightful) 875

Just for gigles, go look at gapminder. See$majorMode=chart$is;shi=t;ly=2003;lb=f;il=t;fs=11;al=21;stl=t;st=t;nsl=t;se=t$wst;tts=C$ts;sp=6;ti=2006$zpv;v=0$inc_x;mmid=XCOORDS;iid=phAwcNAVuyj1jiMAkmq1iMg;by=ind$inc_y;mmid=YCOORDS;iid=phAwcNAVuyj1gkNuUEXOGag;by=ind$inc_s;uniValue=8.21;iid=phAwcNAVuyj1NHPC9MyZ9SQ;by=ind$inc_c;uniValue=255;gid=CATID0;iid=pyj6tScZqmEfbZyl0qjbiRQ;by=grp$map_x;scale=log;dataMin=294;dataMax=76977$map_y;scale=log;dataMin=-1.2196;dataMax=26$map_s;sma=58;smi=1$cd;bd=0$inds=;modified=6 Your argument is a bit silly. It it like a glutton complaining that his neighbors their 3 children eat more than he does, so they should be the ones to go on a diet. Yes, 1.32 billion Chinese use more energy than 0.31 billion Americans. Are we so special that we deserve 4x the CO2 per capita as the rest of the world?

Comment Re:I have an alergy to dreadful 3D (Score 1) 495

I had roughly the same experience. But during Avatar, there where a couple of moments where I seemed to have a '3D overload' where I took off the glasses for about 30 seconds. I wonder if I could get accustomed to 3D movies and have this effect go away. Many other fatiguing activities become easy with practice.

Comment IE9 on SVG Test Suite (Score 2, Informative) 152

If you look at Haavard's blog on the Opera site, you will find a reference to run of the SVG 1.1 Test Suite on IE9. In contrast to Microsoft's SVG test suite (of about 104 individual tests in 7 areas), the W3C's test suite has 275 tests, each of which typically has a dozen or so subtests. On the standard test, IE9 passed 28.36 % of the tests. All other browsers are above 60%. Once SVG becomes viable, I expect that all of the other browsers will quickly advance into the 90%+ range. Opera is already well above 90%. So I welcome IE9 into the SVG crowd, but they are far behind the competition.

A skeptic, that is to say, anyone who can recall Microsoft's behavior over the past 20 years, might wonder if Microsoft ran the official SVG test suite on all competing browsers to find areas where they failed. They then built a second test where they know the others will fail. The developers then focused on implementing them correctly in IE9. This would give them bragging rights when they ran their specially crafted SVG test that focussed on these areas. But it would not help improve interoperability if they grade themselves on a new test, rather than the W2C test suite. I hope I a wrong, but like the little boy who cried wolf, Microsoft has a history of misleading the community.

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