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Comment Re:FYI: that wooshing sound you hear... (Score 1) 151

The reason for this is that McAfee, Norton, etc. pay $OEM some small amount - say, $1 per machine - to have the base installed system leave the factory with a trial version of their program(s) on it.

This obviously doesn't work well with non-Windows machines, so for the 35 or so crap programs, cripple-ware, trial versions, etc. that would normally be on the system, said $OEM has to get that money back some how....

Comment Re:Similar Thinking (Score 1) 272

This. Add in xmbc on top of it, and you can be off and running.

I'd get back into the geek thing a little for setting it up - all a fairly well documented and straight forward process. I'd also look into using multiple physical disks and setting up a RAID array - hate to consolidate your stuff and then loose it to a hardware failure.

Comment Re:So Proud of Gun Ownership (Score 1) 1232

The only registration on a federal level is the NFA act, which taxes full auto, short barreled rifles/shotguns, AOW (any other weapon), suppresors, and destructive devices. Often called "class 3", each item requires a tax stamp before taking possession, which requires a looong wait (6-9 months), finger print card, passport photos, background check, etc.

Miller vs US was about the taxes, and the SCOTUS found that since the full auto rifle and short barreled shotgun he was accused of having untaxed was not "typical military armament" of the time (early 30s).

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