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Comment Re:Similar Thinking (Score 1) 272

This. Add in xmbc on top of it, and you can be off and running.

I'd get back into the geek thing a little for setting it up - all a fairly well documented and straight forward process. I'd also look into using multiple physical disks and setting up a RAID array - hate to consolidate your stuff and then loose it to a hardware failure.

Comment Re:So Proud of Gun Ownership (Score 1) 1232

The only registration on a federal level is the NFA act, which taxes full auto, short barreled rifles/shotguns, AOW (any other weapon), suppresors, and destructive devices. Often called "class 3", each item requires a tax stamp before taking possession, which requires a looong wait (6-9 months), finger print card, passport photos, background check, etc.

Miller vs US was about the taxes, and the SCOTUS found that since the full auto rifle and short barreled shotgun he was accused of having untaxed was not "typical military armament" of the time (early 30s).

Comment Re:you are crazy (Score 4, Interesting) 219

I disagree - and I'm in the same boat. We've had a few search cycles now, in our 3rd. First two ended due to a lack of qualified candidates.

Of our 8 person department, 2 of us are on the hiring committee. Other department chairs and AVPs make up the balance.

And yes, we need to be on the committee because we know what we do every day, and areas our prior boss both lacked and excelled in. We're hoping to keep the excelling part and get rid of the lacking part.

Comment Re:Temporarily stranded? (Score 1) 115

I've seen the sterotypical scene of a momma duck and her babies floating out along behind her, touring the pond in the shallows....

And then a big swirl, maybe a splash, and there is one less duckling in the parade...

Only difference is these catfish are going where they don't really belong to do it. I'm assuming that the same species in other locations doesn't display the same behavior on a fairly regular basis...

Comment Re:Short answer: (Score 2) 686

Because it is based on the server name and not the (rotating/round robin/whatever) IP address.

Here's a few lines from my hosts file. Servers get added when either they are obnoxious ads, or the ad server/ad network is slow to respond and keeps the rest of the page from loading while it waits for an image... cache.dashboardad,net

Comment Re:What type of shot? Was it birdshot? (Score 1) 733

This. Check out the Pittman Robertson Act and what it pays for, and how it is funded (hint - 11% excise tax on ammo, firearms, some camping, fishing, and archery equipment). Not to mention the millions brought in every year for migratory bird stamps (aka duck stamps, which are wonderful works of art and worthy of collecting just for the art value)

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