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Comment Re:Short answer: (Score 2) 686

Because it is based on the server name and not the (rotating/round robin/whatever) IP address.

Here's a few lines from my hosts file. Servers get added when either they are obnoxious ads, or the ad server/ad network is slow to respond and keeps the rest of the page from loading while it waits for an image... cache.dashboardad,net

Comment Re:What type of shot? Was it birdshot? (Score 1) 733

This. Check out the Pittman Robertson Act and what it pays for, and how it is funded (hint - 11% excise tax on ammo, firearms, some camping, fishing, and archery equipment). Not to mention the millions brought in every year for migratory bird stamps (aka duck stamps, which are wonderful works of art and worthy of collecting just for the art value)

Comment Re:Countermeasures (Score 1) 733

Depending on what it is made out of, I'd lean towards something like #2 birshot or a little bigger and into the B, BB, T or F sizes... much bigger and then you get into buckshot sizes.

Why? Takes 5 or 6 pellet hits to break a skeet clay with #7.5, 8, or 9 shot at a max distance of 30 yards. But they break real easy if you drop one on hard ground/concrete from 4 feet up.

So, I'd sacrifice some pattern density and go for the larger shot which will carry more NRG to the target.

Comment Re:No Child Left Alone... (Score 1) 684

Not only that, but segregating the lower end from the middle and the middle from the higher end (assuming you have enough kids in each grade to do this).

Why hold back the top 25%, or pass on the bottom 25% to get them out of your way, and teach everything to the middle 50%? Put the top quarter and bottom quarters into their own classes, let the smart ones excel and move forward, get more help going for the lower ones...

Comment Re:Teaching (Score 1) 306

This. At a community college, where courses in IT typically don't transfer up to a 4 year school, the only requirements to teach are knowing the content and maintaining a heartbeat.

Adjunct pay isn't fantastic (I get about $2k per semester for a 3 credit class, works out to about 25/hr for in class and grading/prep time) but it is income, and if you can land a full time position pay goes up dramatically.

Comment Re:Just in case anyone doesn't understand (Score 1) 134

Certainly will... but my current vid card (since that is the blob I referenced earlier and you are now) is a 5 year old nvidia card... when it no longer meets my needs, I certainly will be replacing it, and open source-ness of the drivers will take a large part of the accounting... but when I bought it was "do i want it working and a blob, or just basic 2d support and open"...

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