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Comment Re:I'm an electric car! (Score 1) 143

Underpowered for what? 1/4 mile times? Yup, they are.

But my '65 356 w/ 75 hp engine can out corner a brand new production Camero or just about any other muscle car. Granted, on the straight aways I'll get the rust blown off my doors, but Porsche owns cornering and handling.

Comment Re:15% of my customers are IE7 or below (Score 1) 390

Probably because

1) Those corporate org customers/clients of yours probably have intranet apps that were designed around IE6 and break horribly in any other browser, and it is "too expensive" to re-do them for either a neutral platform, updated version of IE, etc.

2) Those same corporate org customers/clients of yours probably have an IT department that won't allow them to install other browsers to use when not using the aforementioned IE6 based apps

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 142

Top of the line 14 year old PC would be a P2 w/ 100mhz fsb at 350, 400, or 450mhz. Up to a gig of ram, CD R/RW drive, IDE or SCSI hard drive of 10-30gb.

Still very usable as a basic desktop system (surf web, email, light wordprocessing) or a server for a low-traffic domain (ie, wouldn't withstand the /. effect but for everything else.....)

Comment Re:Is the term "library" going to die? (Score 1) 90

typically collections of cultural resources

I'd change this to "cultural and educational resources", and add in places for social gathering - how many childhood friendships started out as 2 mommies taking their kids to reading circle time at the local library? Quite a few, and I know that I still had social contact with some of my reading@thelib times through highschool even though we never attended the same schools.

Comment Re:We're not supposed to complain about choices . (Score 2) 201

The plane'arium at the college I work for has both a star machine and a projector. Projector takes in mpeg-1 at 30fps and 1024x1024 ... Several good shows (The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zepplin, etc) have been purchased, and I'm working on the graphic design program to get students to do stuff using the music freely available on (mostly the Dead concert recording stuff...)

Comment Re:I like my own office, thanks (Score 1) 314

Music? No problem... most of us here in our offices like music.

However, one lady has planned 3 weddings in the past 2 years, as well as various conferences and stuff that is barely job related.

And, I found out last week that her son is getting married, so we're going thru another wedding plan....

Comment Re:So, whom to H8? (Score 2) 325

And yet, it is relatively easy - at least for highschools that have a University that offers a CS program within 45 minutes to an hour drive - to hire a grad student to teach one period a day. Just an adjunct at high school level instead of a community college....

That is how I took Latin in high school (guy would come over from the uni for 2 periods a day), and it is how the senior level programming class was taught (we learned Fortran and Cobol on green screen terminals hooked up to a machine at UF).

Comment Re:common and fun (Score 1) 301

Which is funny, 'cause when you are reloading w/ lead bullets (non-jacketed, maybe even made yourself in a mold) you size a bullet for 9mm to .355 and for 357 you size it to .358. And .380 is the same diameter as 9mm (its "european" name is 9x17 vs 9x19 for 9mm Parabellum) and 38 special is the same diameter as .357 magnum (only difference is .1" of case length which is why you can shoot 38 special in a 357 revolver)

Comment Re:What they bought with said data.. (Score 1) 250

Nothing - they called us (Visa branded gas card). Sent a new card automatically, called ot let us know why our current card wasn't good any more, the fact that someone tried to run a $1500 purchase on it an hour ago, and that a new card was in the mail.

Kinda impressive as far as customer service goes in my opinion.

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