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Comment Re:bullet? (Score 2) 280

The plastic bullet/cased 762 I mention in the other reply can easily kill - not out to hundreds of yards like a metal bullet in the same chambering, but plenty far out. A small rod approximately .3 inches in diameter, weighing 4 or 5 grams, with a pointed front end moving at mach 2 or so is not something I would want to have pointed at me.

Comment Re:bullet? (Score 1) 280

German training ammo in 762x51 (aka 762 NATO aka 308 Winchester) has both plastic (mostly... the base is metal) case and bullet. A special bolt and bolt carrier was used in the G3 (HK91) to fire it as training ammo.

Interestingly enough, the Israelis produced a brass cased *wooden* bullet in the same caliber for training purposes, using war captured German Mausers.

Comment Re:of course... (Score 4, Interesting) 280

Well, not just profiling. Having competent, highly trained (and properly trained) security personnel. Sure, Israel is a small country, with a fraction of the air travelers and air ports that the US has. But with the amount the US is spending on the TSA, I'm pretty sure they could do a good job funding an Israeli style system.

Comment Re:Apply to Boeing, Raytheon, etc. (Score 1) 207

And on the drones, think about getting your flight instructor ticket. Our flight program here at hte community college I work for is exploring offering drone training, and I heard the other day from someone else that teh FAA is thiinking about a drone certification. If you can get in on hte early education side, you'll be set.

Comment Re:copyrights and academic freedom (Score 1) 284

Depends on the school. The college I work for has been known to grant release time so instructors can create content for a new course, or overhaul an old one. Basically, instead of teaching 4 or 5 classes a term, they teach one less but receive the same pay. I think in that case, the content would be owned by the college/school.

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