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Comment Re:Apply to Boeing, Raytheon, etc. (Score 1) 207

And on the drones, think about getting your flight instructor ticket. Our flight program here at hte community college I work for is exploring offering drone training, and I heard the other day from someone else that teh FAA is thiinking about a drone certification. If you can get in on hte early education side, you'll be set.

Comment Re:copyrights and academic freedom (Score 1) 284

Depends on the school. The college I work for has been known to grant release time so instructors can create content for a new course, or overhaul an old one. Basically, instead of teaching 4 or 5 classes a term, they teach one less but receive the same pay. I think in that case, the content would be owned by the college/school.

Comment Re:Off the mark, missed the target. (Score 1) 284

The IT side and process control side should each pick someone to go and learn how the other side works for a while. A quick tutorial on basic networking concepts, a second on network security and infrastructure set up, and then actually being the PFY or Intern for a few days. The IT designate would go to process control and do similar.

Basically, each side has to have someone who at least has an idea as to what goes on on the other side.

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