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Comment Re:Exactly! (Score 1) 671

So... "mitigate risk of a population by spreading it between all of them, whereas before you only got that benefit if you qualified for a group plan"

Isn't a group plan just a small(er) population? And maybe a better one to be putting risk to - employed people, usually full time vs. Everyone ?

Comment Re:slowest season in modern times (Score 2) 117

Thing is, currents changed with the big earthquakes that have happened in the past few years. If it was enough of a change to affect migration patterns (it has), it was also probably enough of a change to alter the predictable long term weather models. Anyone know if the modeling software has been updated with the new data?

Comment Re:how amusing (Score 1) 364

But then again, most makers that sell both direct and thru distributers/wholesalers/dealers will typically price their in-house sales to the public at full retail price (hey, lets call that the MSRP!) and heavily discount to the distributers/wholesalers/dealers, which lets the second tier dealer charge the same or less and still make $.

Comment Re:References become dated (Score 4, Interesting) 219

Of course, depending on when it was bought it may have come with all of the "animal books" about Perl on CD with it (mine did anyway). And, your local library may have a Safari subscription - mine does. No need for paper in the majority of cases. As a teacher its great because I can assign just a few great chapters from various books and not cost the student $250 in books for a 3 credit class.

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