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Comment Re:And when are the Hellfire missles coming? (Score 1) 52

Skeet/trap clays take 7 or so pellets hitting it to break nicely. Competitive trap shooters with great handicaps stand 27 yards back from the bunker, clay isn't visible above the bunker until it has traveled another 5 or 6 yards... And it is moving at about 60mph out of the gate. Then ya gotta find it, get a good sight picture, and then shoot it. Granted, the target is flying mostly away from you, not complete left to right (or right to left) like the center stations when shooting skeet.

Using a larger shot size 50 to 60 yards isn't unreasonable for a practiced shooter to get enough hits to damage a drone. Damage enough to bring it down? Dunno... but multiple shots would almost guarantee it.

Comment Re:Oracle claims the defendants are distrib new ve (Score 1) 154

Only if you are offering new versions of stuff or offering support of new stuff. The hardware certainly hasn't changed, and as long as you are only offering support/updates for the version of the OS that was current at the time, then the patches/updates/etc. all still work fine.

Now, if someone is using old hardware with newest releases of software, I see a problem with it working, and yes, it would cost some company money to support it - someone would need to write the code or modify the existing. But even then, hardware obsolescence may take care of the issue for you. Windows 7 doesn't need drivers or firmware for a 3com network card plugged into a MCA slot 'cause no computer with MCA slots is capable of running any version of Windows... they could barely crawl with Windows 2.0.

Comment Re:3 2 1 Takedown (Score 1) 203

It actually isn't even the app store's fault - the blame rests on the marketing/development/sales folks who had the engineers who designed the OS software lock it down to only getting applications from one particular source. It is part of their operating model - they aren't just selling a physical device, or some bits on a disk, they are selling an end user experience. And in order to make that happen the way they envision it, they have to maintain as much control as possible.

Comment Re:Nothing to predict (Score 1) 213

Little Brother used encryption and other geekery to fight their battles. Not too long ago, "exporting" certain types of encryption out of the US was a big no-no. Homeland has them using drones.

Either way, both books are about citizens fighting back against a corrupt government. And with Mikey in SF and other parts of California, I wouldn't expect firearms to be involved.

Comment Re:The Doctor (Score 1) 218

WVO 2M, driven by the 3rd incarnation (Pertwee?) - don't recall Tom Baker driving. And all of Peter Davidson's driving is stuck in my head from All Creatures Great and Small

But then the last time I watched an episode was in '86 or so, and then it was only up to the 5th incarnation.

Comment Re:I wouldn't quite go so far with that analogy (Score 1) 372

I live on a paved road in the country... it is in near perfect condition. But it was last repaved 20 years ago. Why does it still look so good? Traffic is a very small fraction compared to anything urban. Sure, the occasional large John Deer tractor, or semi, or dump truck travels it... but "a few" cars per hour is nothing compared to the hundred or so per minute that some urban areas see.

Comment Re:Rural Rich? Bullshit. (Score 1) 372

So if I own 5 acres and a double wide trailer out in the boonies, but I rent it out and it isn't my primary residence, my renter has to pay thousands for phone service?

Or is it "someone's primary residence" ? In which case the super rich still won't pay 'cause they have a grounds keeper, house keeper, etc. who is using the place as a primary residence.

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