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Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Informative) 244

Especially when you consider how people like David Hicks (trained with terrorists) ... have had the government behind them trying to get them home.

David Hicks did not have any help from the Australian government. He was left to rot in Guantanamo for five years without being charged for anything. The government's response was absolutely deplorable, especially considering how UK citizens were pulled out from Guantanamo. Compare Jack Straw's efforts compared to Philip Ruddock or John Howard sometime.

Comment Re:lulz. good luck (Score 2) 454

I disagree.

It is the original poster's intention to block inappropriate content. It is probably his duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that is blocked. If people want to go out of their way to deliberably bypass filtering then they can do that if they wish - but at least now they know that they shouldn't, and they should be held responsible for that.

Comment Re:IMHO Apple is becoming a scummy advertiser (Score 0) 193

Banning power companies from door to door selling would be BRILLIANT. I am sick of those guys - the amount of crap they spew is incredible. I've heard it all - "Oh we're just dialing in the new power service", "We don't want you to buy anything", "We're not selling anything" and "Can we just see your bill" are all very common. None of them can answer the question "How much money will you save me?" - so I shut the door on them.

I imagine that someone with no idea about the technology could very easily be sweet-talked into changing their billing company all for no benefit. Go ACCC :)

BTW I have found numerous times that when stuck on the phone to some company, saying "Fix this now or I'm calling the ACCC" often gets your issue fixed.

Comment I've worked with a lot of coders in my time... (Score 1) 253

Hardly any of them are in it just for the money. The ones that are just drop out during uni when they realise that you need a brain. I've only met one or two coders who really salivate over the money. Most just want an interesting job to work on and good people to work with.

Maybe Australia is different, but 99% of the coders that I've worked with would never drop the ball in order to just make more money (I can only think of one guy and he was a genuine psychopath). All of the good ones stick around and get the damn thing delivered, normally even when that means late nights and horrible bosses. We have professional pride and always strive to deliver the best possible system given the constraints. If you don't, then word gets around pretty quickly and you'll find it very difficult to get more work. You can always spot these people, they have lots of 3-6 month projects on their resume, and when you drill them for details it's always a bit too vague.

Comment Re:Java or Visual Studio 2010 anyone? (Score 1) 297

Visual Basic 4.0 starts up in three seconds on a ten year old computer. I have much more advanced IDEs on my machine nowadays, but if I just want to code up something for the fun and expect quick results, I'll still fire up VB4 from 1995.

Wow, really? Maybe you should try using notepad and vbc.exe to compile. Super quick!

Comment Re:Java or Visual Studio 2010 anyone? (Score 1) 297

Also Java and Visual Studio tend to be used by less skilled developers and students (disclosure: i'm a student). Poor responsiveness of programs written in Java or using VS is more a factor of who is writing it than anything to do with the language / VM / IDE.

Java and Visual Studio less skilled developers? Nope. No it doesn't.

But thank you for your disclosure, that explains a lot.

Comment Re:The real reason people like noSQL... (Score 1) 259

Not only does SQL work, it is the best at what it does.

The only people who hate on SQL are the people who don't understand databases. Generally, these are the same people who like labels, tag clouds and ruby on rails. They produce a lot of high level hand waving with regards to the actual code and endless amounts of "herp derp I dunno" when asked why their shit performs slower than the 10 year old system it's supposed to replace. These are bad people.

Here here. Well said. If you think you can do everything without structured data you've never heard of accurate reporting before, which is what businesses need to be competitive and not waste money and all that fancy schmancy business stuff.

Comment Re:The real reason people like noSQL... (Score 1) 259

Insightful? People like noSQL because it allows them to have messy unstructured data and not do any data modelling.

We're still using SQL 20 years later because it's a great layer between your OO code and your relational data. Unless you want to use a heirachical database (which no-one does) SQL works fine. Sure you can use an ORM but at some stage you'll need to handle the conversion between relational and OO.. unless you're happy being ignorant as to how your database works and not be able to performance tune anything.

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