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Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 4, Interesting) 597

He also wrote an article about how Exceptions are pointless and a waste of time,
and that we should track "ErrorNumbers" ourselves manually.

He completely ignored the fact that exceptions were developed to solve
the problem of "working out in the stack where the error happened", and when
people pointed that out how ridiculous his solution was he refused to change
his mind. So screw it.

Submission + - Pirates offer Windows 7 on USB sticks

Sam writes: Ars reports: Pirates have been selling Windows 7 on the black market long before the operating system was officially released on October 22, 2009. That said, as far we can tell, it's a first to see Windows 7 being sold illegally on USB drives, the selling point being that they work much faster than DVDs. In China, Netac U208 8GB USB drives preloaded with Windows 7 are being sold for 98 yuan, or about $14.

Comment Re:Broken security model (Score 1) 355

Adobe should not be held accountable. It's not their problem. If I write a program in c# to delete your hard disk, create the EXE, upload it to my website, you download and run it, what, it's Microsoft's fault? What if I write the program in Java and send you a link to a JAR file? Going to sue Sun?

Smash is correct, if you allow users to upload executable content to your website, you're a knob.

Comment KeePass - fantastic software. (Score 4, Informative) 1007


* Stores all of your passwords in a secure encrypted file

* Has auto-type so you don't have to type or remember your passwords

* Has a great password generator tool, so that you can reset all of your passwords to something secure

* Easily transferable password database.

* Can run off a USB stick

I checked it out a month ago on the recommendation of a mate, and have been using it ever since.

It has everything that you need. Fantastic program and has been serving me brilliantly for the past month. I have now gone through all of the sites that I use regularly and have been resetting my passwords to something random. If any of those passwords are leaked then it won't be the disaster it could have been!

And on the plus side, for the sites that I login to very occasionally (eg, once every six months) I don't have to scrounge around in my memory trying to figure out what my username+password is.

And for those horrible sites that have mandatory minimum password requirements, it makes it really easy to generate a password that fits their bizarre criteria. (Eg, only 6-10 characters long, certain characters not allowed, must contain upper and lower case etc etc etc).

Don't use Firefox's password storage! They are all stored in plain text! Anyone can view them!!

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 381

Unmod parent up.

We did this for our DB and it completely killed the server. Every
single update also doing an insert into another table? Performance killer.

Unfortunately there's just no other way to do it. You can either:

1 - store the entire history of updates
2 - store delta's
3 - backup your DB every day.

There's nothing else you can do. Or is there??

Comment Re:A long-lasting technology (Score 5, Informative) 256

  • Show them how an engine works by getting them to coil wire around a magnet and hook it up to an LED.
  • Then move onto car engines and show how it's the same idea. Then explain how to turbo charge an engine.
  • Computer stuff that you need to know but are never taught: How to safely open up your box, take it apart and put it back together
  • The difference between memory and hard disk space and what paging is. Get a computer and take it down to 128 meg of memory and see what happens. Use perfmon.
  • Basic electronics, multimeter usage, soldering iron - all very handy. Take a stuffed electronic guitar in (just cut a wire or whatever) and show them how to fix it.
  • How to not put personal stuff onto the internet and explain what happens if you do. Then try it with a "John Smith" registered on facebook, myspace etc. Then google the person next week.
  • How the internet works - do a quick HTML website and explain it all
  • Explain how there's more to the world than just the USA and yes, you can actually go to those countries. (sorry, low blow)
  • Show how to back up your data and explain why! Different possibilities such as a local HD, external HD, external computer, using an internet backup provider.
  • Sewing. Seriously. Sew a zipper onto a jacket. Fix the holes in your socks. Make some trakkies (don't know what you yanks call them).
  • Bike maintenance and fixing. How to adjust everything, what tools you need. How to make it more efficient. Get people to bring in their bikes.

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