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Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 780

... And some might even consider raising that percentage depending on the available income as "fair"

I wonder whether higher rate taxation doesn't just encourage those caught to seek out the loopholes. A flat tax rate, combined with a reasonable initial tax free earning seems like the best, and fairest, way to me. Include in that tax rate any and all income, including dividends, and you (fairly) eliminate many of the current loop holes (the UK tried to target Contractors with IR35 rather than simply taxing dividends, the common loophole, possibly because of the big business lobbying during the Blair Govmnt).

Comment Re:A fraction of what it could have been (Score 4, Insightful) 96

I understand there was big uptake on VPN services from the US to get around the poor coverage so folks could get the BBC if they wanted, though I don't see why it couldn't be offered as a paid service to offset our licence fee.

I'd have to say the coverage by the beeb was excellent and well worth the fee, and I'm not a sports fan!

Comment Shutdown E V E R Y T H I N G! (Score 4, Insightful) 164

It totally stinks that the high percentage of legitimate Megaupload customers are getting screwed 'cos of the US bully-boy tactics. What about shutting down the US Postal Service because of all the illegal activity that enables? People do bad things with telephones too. Hey, don't people use cars as getaway cars ... let's shut down Ford and GM while we're at it!

Comment Re:An easy solution (Score 5, Insightful) 550

How about maintain two FB profiles, one for friends and one 'work safe' one with work colleagues on it. I know several of my friends kids maintain two profiles, one for friends and one for Mum & Dad and it works a treat!

Of course, you could just ask them to login too, and you can skim through their page(s) whilst they do the same to yours! As others have said, simply tell them you're not on FB (or any of the others) but you are willing to start one up if it is a requirement.

... and my personal favourite, ask them to send you a friend request and you'll consider their application!

Comment Re:GAMBLING FUNDS TERRORISM!!!11! (Score 4, Interesting) 354

The quickest and best way for us non-USians to protect ourselves is simply to disallow all connections coming from the US to our websites.

Possibly that might be the sensible thing to do, 'cos next time you land in the US you could find yourself arrested, but as other posters have said, it's not OUR fault the US has stupid laws and it's certainly not up to us to police them.

If I have a non-US gambling website and someone from the US wants to come spend their $$$'s then I say good luck to 'em 'cos it's none of my business where you are as long as what we're doing is legal where I am! It's the US citizen that's broken the law, not the website.

Really getting fed up with the US continually forgetting they're just ONE COUNTRY amongst many. You want to make online gambling illegal - go right ahead! Make Intelligent Design part of the science curriculum ... fill ya boots! Legislate Pi = 3 ... whatever! Just don't think you can bully the rest of the World into doing it too!

... and Rest Of The World: Wake UP and grow a pair! Tell the US to take a hike!

Comment Re:Hmmm. That is BS. (Score 2) 328

While I believe that Manning should be tried and executed ...

I am deeply saddened by that, but each to their own. I'd say he should be tried, and during that trial all the leaked documents should be examined and if it was in the public good that they be leaked (eg cover up of the gunning down of civilians) then they should count in the "plus" column. Ultimately, I think his bravery quite possibly warrants a medal. To stand up and be counted, to be the David to the US Goliath, to fight for Truth, Justice & The American Way!

If my government had been hiding evidence of the killing of innocent people (and Reuters reporters) I would want someone to blow the whistle on them. Not sure what Manning's reasons were (if, indeed, he was the leak :-) ), but whoever let it be known that the US covers up such atrocities is a hero in my book.

As I see it, you either agree with the cover up of the civilian massacre, or you think it's right that the video was leaked! I really can't see a third way!

Comment Re:Why secret? (Score 1) 328

The indictment is secret because the U.S. knows that if we expose whatever wildly unsupported bullshit we've indicted him on, it will hurt the extradition case.

... and that, in a nutshell, is pretty much why many UK citizens are unhappy with the extradition deal our bozo government signed us up to, because if we want someone from the US we have to show sufficient evidence to a US court, but the US just has to point and we bend over!

The old geezer who's just been shipped out is a case in point, and I've no idea if he's guilty or not, but surely if you ask for someone to be handed over you should show some evidence first.

Comment Re:ISO Mounting (Score 1) 642

Go ahead and double click on your iso with your 1 button mouse.

Back in the dim and distant past when I last used windows ("XP" I think it was called?) I seem to recall a Double Click entailed clicking one button twice. Don't tell me they subsequently changed that to one click from each button!

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