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Comment Re:Great! (Score 0) 167

Nobody checks people's posting history. I've been called shills for companies I've lambasted in the past and a hater of companies I've expressed a liking for too often to think for a second anyone looks at my nick and goes "Hmm, I don't know this guy, let's check his history"

And yeah, Slashdot could do with one. I've gotten to the point personally that I actually hold off making jokes, because nine times out of ten, I get modded Troll for them, get serious replies, and I even frequently get replies that start "I realize I'm replying to a troll here but...".

Slashdot makes Germany look like the world's biggest comedy club.

Comment Re:ONE THING I agree with Chomsky on (Score 5, Insightful) 530

The normal rule of gunnery is to shoot, and then whatever you happen to hit: call that the target. ;-) With terrorism, whoever you missed is the target. And whoever you hit, is your weapon against that target. But in order to work, it requires the cooperation of the target. If the target does not choose to react fearfully, then the terrorism does not accomplish its objective.

Does the same thing apply to carjacking? Armed robbery?

No. The goal of carjacking is to get a ride; the goal of robbery is to obtain value. Deciding to not fear it, does not deny your adversary his goal.

But terrorism is about persuading the survivors, the technically-not-victims. Nobody ever carjacks in order to get the next car to lock their doors. Nobody commits armed robbery in order to manipulate a third party (movie script counter-example: Die Hard, but the FBI was manipulated as part of a "Briar Patch" strategy, rather than terrorism(*)).

e.g. Not Terrorism: "Your tank factory and its workers are gone. This gains me a numeric advantage in next month's tank battle." Terrorism: "Your tank factory and its workers are gone. Surrender or else I'll wreck more of your expensive factories and kill more of your workers."

(*) Does this happen in real life? What believed acts of terrorism were actually not?

Comment Constitutional basis for compulsory terroree-ism (Score 1) 530

The president has constitutionally-granted authority over of the armed forces. We have a legal draft. Combine those two things, and ergo, it is within generally-accepted powers for the president to be able to label you a Designated Terroree, such that you're required to be afraid whenever told to, if people being afraid is believed to be militarily advantageous.

OTOH, the Third Amendment means that you don't have to be afraid whenever you're at home. So the president's legal powers over your emotions are limited, somewhat.

Comment Re:HA! (Score 2) 167

If they make it work and ever point that at slashdot, the readings are gonna be flying off the charts!

Slashdot would be a poor test bed for the project. Sarcasm is too easily detected on here to be useful, it's as subtle as being hit by a brick.

Now ... if they pointed it at Faux Nooz, that would be pretty interesting to see how much the presenters don't believe of the garbage they're spewing to keep the market other broadcasters have neglected: the disenfranchised intelligentsia.

Comment Re:Oh nooonn (Score 1) 98

... after the 5th time the Inspector informed the clerk he would like a 'ruuum' the carnation in the clerk's lapel came to life and in a shrill, buzzing voice shouted, "Il veut une chambre d'hôtel! Lui donner une! Petit imbécile!"

Comment Re:I'm not French (Score 1) 98

The government has always kept a close eye, within its capabilities, upon its people, those who reside within and those they interact with (and often their allies, too.) There's just more ability to keep track because we do so much more digitally these days. If you really want privacy, go over and talk to your friends (unless they work for the NSA, CIA, FBI, NKVD, MI-6, CAGEY BEE, etc.)

Comment Re:This is why I take a pillow on trains (Score 1) 205

As long as you have your fist or a black magic marker, they can never fully remove that option but they can force you to remove the on option for the next passenger.

The cabbie probably has a mirror or camera to record would be vandals. Better to just bring a roll of duct tape and piece of cardboard with you.

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