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Comment don't donate just to paypal (Score 3, Informative) 216

Anything less than around 33 or so cents goes to to paypal from fees. So just keep in mind that you are donating to paypal not the indy game developer if you do that. There's a lot of people who donated 1 cent to paypal. On the other hand, if you WANT to cost paypal money, donating 1 cent with visa card probably costs paypal money.

Comment "Trilogy" (Score 3, Insightful) 43

I think bethesda was pretty much ignoring them until fallout 1/2/tactics started being sold with labeling of "trilogy"
That implies it includes FO3, which it doesn't. The reason beth put that part into the contract was they didn't want interplay screwing up beth's marketing for FO3, and it looks like interplay just ignored that part of the contract and tried to screw them anyway.

Comment I'm impressed (Score 1) 102

Actually I'm impressed. From my experiance most other sites go the route of MS when they did they Hotmail EULA change that said anything you sent through their servers belongs to MS, and if its proprietary then it now belongs to them with all rights going to MS. Theoretically if you sent patent PDFs through hotmail during that time, they would then own the patent.

Anyway, seeing twitter go the other way and up front say that the tweets belong to the authors is impressive to me.

Comment NFL is going to LOVE this (Score 1) 302

Remember how the NFL has been going after places that have TV's showing thier matches? Saying they need to buy a broadcaster license to show it on larger than a certain number of inches, or more than certain number of people watching, etc.

Well if this becomes reality, now they will be able to go after anyone they thing is violating that kinda thing.

Comment fat32 has 4 gig file limit (Score 1) 564

FAT32 has a 4 GB max file size.
This can be somewhat inconveniant if you have say a linux dvd ISO thats larger than that, or if you record HD video, etc.

I would suggest going with NTFS, there are ways now to use the actual microsoft NTFS driver in a wrapper with linux, then you get full native compatability if thats what you are thinking (it used to be that NTFS compatability was an issue with linux).

The cheapest solution for backup would probably be an external USB drive. And you may also want to have 2 of them that you swap out for off site storage, or something like that, depending on how important your data is to you.

Comment Yes, the L4D2 content WAS promised for L4D1 (Score 3, Interesting) 130
"Chet Faliszek said that Valve plans to get the DLC rolling much more quickly with Left 4 Dead than it has been able to for Team Fortress 2. Plans already in the works call for new campaigns, weapons, and boss infected (the game's zombie enemies). In addition, there were strong hints at a flamethrower coming not long after launch."

Yes, the valve team promised L4D 1 content, including new special infected AND weapons AND new campaigns. Turns out they saved all that for L4D2 instead. L4D2 will have a new special infected (charger), new weapons, and new campaigns. And no, they didn't add any new campaigns in L4D1, just tweaked versions of the old ones for versus, and a single new mini map for survival (the rest of the survival levels are just portions of the old maps in old campaigns)

That same guy at valve in an interview said they have been working on L4D2 since the launch of L4D1.
"Shack: When did development on Left 4 Dead 2 start?

Chet Faliszek: Pretty much after Left 4 Dead launched."

Comment Re:All I have to say is... (Score 1) 859

Likely because from TFA:

"Updated Tue May 19, 2009 12:28pm AEST"
"-Editor's note: The original version of this story was amended to reflect the fact that the unit can be turned off by the driver."

The original story didn't have it, so perhaps the submission didn't either. I don't know about the editors, or why they haven't added an UPDATE line by now.

Comment Re:All I have to say is... (Score 1) 859

I've seen it happen when a construction zone didn't warn of a low shoulder at night, and the wheel dropped down the inch at one point and started swinging. The truck was going UNDER the speed limit, which was something like 55 mph (it shoulda been lower IMHO).

1) No sudden stopping started it swinging
2) no going downhill
3) no high winds.

Trailer wasn't misloaded, it was a well designed high end boat trailer.

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