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Comment Re:MOD PARENT UP!!! (Score 1) 943

The only really decent argument I've heard for printing money is the possibility of doing so to offset taxes, by printing money instead of collecting it.

Another option is to deflate away your debt. $16T sounds like a lot of money today, but in 30 years when a candy bar costs $5, it wont seem so bad.

Comment Re:1B? (Score 1) 362

I would be very interested in seeing the same chart in real dollars. I imagine it would be much flatter. It is interesting to note that the % increase of the annual debt is lowest under democrats.

OT: It is probably time that "we, the people" decide to have a rational look at this problem without regard to anything but a fiduciary bias. It's time to make some hard decisions and save this damned country.

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