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Comment Sustained! (Score 1) 631

I didn't ever trust it either. The idea is nice enough but where lots of money is to be had, crooks gather. And I am not smart enough to play chicken with them. Banks have crooks too? Sure but they deal with billions, my bank account is of no interest to them whatsoever. Saved by poverty.

Comment Wow... dumb (Score 1) 631

So a currency that is supposed to untraceable and outside government control, is safeguarded by the same law it is claiming to be outside the control off.

Makes sense.

Bitcoin user: Police officer, I have hidden a fortune from the IRS and now someone abskonded with it, I have no proof of any of this of course because bitcoins are untraceable and there is no paper trail by design. Do something.

Police officer: Mwahhahahahahah! Wait, let me call the IRS, you just after all gave testimony to a police officer you have a fortune, they don't care if you no longer have it, you still have to pay taxes over when you had it. ahahhahahahhahahaaa! Donut time!

Comment It is simple, what is the zombie survival guide to (Score 1) 631

It is simple, what is the zombie survival guide to you? There are other older books like it, I had one about what to do after nuclear war.

But to some such books are emergency guides on how to deal with disaster, to others they are a wet dream they wish would come true tomorrow.

Same with the collapse of the world banking system when GOLD.... BITCOINS will become THE currency of choice. They don't predict it will happen as much as they desperately wish it to become true. You are dealing with the fantasies of people who WANT to see the world BURN.

Comment You just got low expectations (Score 2) 110

There are people who liked Deus Ex: HR but those are exactly the kind of dumbed down console players that would have hated the original Thief and for that matter the original Deus Ex. It is the same people who think Bioshock is a worthy sequel to System Shock.

That doesn't mean the new games are bad, they are just the equivelant of the current Discovery Channel to the one from a decade ago. Dumbed down and simplistic.

You can see this reflected in the universal action key, because you know how hard it is to remember more then one key. Those who love this call it stream lined. I call it dumbed down.

Your choice what you think. But remember when you read reviews of these type of games that changed market, what games the reviewer likes. If you read a review by a scat lover about a turd, you best make sure you share his views before you bite down.

Comment What a moronic piece (Score 1) 164

Fat people are not going to on a pedellic to begin with, they are going at most for an electric moped.

And if you buy a 500 dollar bike, you are not buying the same class of bike as 3500 dollar electric bike. 500 dollar bike is equal to a 1000 dollar electric bike.

Never go into business, you have no idea about market segmentation.

Comment TRY an electric bike (Score 3, Insightful) 164

The bending over you do to reduce drag isn't needed on an electric bike because even with just 250 watt, you basically got another set of legs pedalling. I got one myself and the biggest difference you notice straight away, apart from the insane acceleration (even mopeds have a hard time keeping up) is that WIND, the eternal enemy, is NO LONGER A FACTOR. Whoosh, GONE!

And the upright is not about BEING seen, in either position you are at the height of normal car windows, so plenty visible, it is about how easy YOU can see.

There just isn't a market for electric racing bikes. Not just because most racers don't want a support engine OR because the weight of engine and battery would triple the bike weight but because most build their own custom bikes and the best electric bikes use custom frames (mid-motor is where things are going).

The market for electric bikes simply ain't the health freaks, it is the people faced with a commute that is just to uncomfortable to ride themselves but who are not opposed to moving their legs a bit. People like me, I am neither fit nor unfit, I could ride 30 miles, I have done so when needed BUT I wouldn't do it of my own choice. I have a choice, go by car (longer commute and more expensive), cycle all the way (about 45 minutes) NO FUCKING WAY, go train + bus (extra waiting time kills commute time) or train + electric bike. WINNER! Fast, bit of excersize (downside, pants starting to fall down), cheap.

I am the target of the bike in the article. You are not.

This is no different from the eternal and rather boring debate about how electric cars don't have enough range to drive to another continent. NOT THE TARGET MARKET.

Comment A racing bike is more comfortable? (Score 1) 164

Yeah right... your an idiot but at least you are not alone. In the Netherlands, one of the most cycle friendly countries in the world, the "normal" bike is known elsewhere in the world as the Dutch model. It is the upright because it is the easiest and most comfortable to sit on for typical city commutes where you are not trying to kill yourself like some drugged out courier.

You can see a huge difference with the US where the majority of bicycles are hobby bikes, not used for daily commutes. This translates to electric bikes, in the EU 250 watt is the limit, in the US it goes far higher and frankly, that is insane. If you add a throttle option (illegal in the EU) you just got yourself a moped. 2KW throttle electric bike is just a motor cycle without the rigidity or the brakes.

There is a very simple reason you see very little electric racing bicycles. If you use them for your hobby, the point is to use your own leg muscles to go fast. Adding an electric motor is like adding an electric motor to a stationary exercise bike. It reminds me of people who equip mountain bikes with 1KW motors in each wheel. Just buy a cross motor already and be done with it.

Electric city bikes are about making your commute easier while still doing a bit of exercise. I got one myself, the 250 watt engine gives just that extra boost to keep going so that when the wind is against you (ain't it always) you don't give a shit. Neither with slight uphill gradiants. I also find I don't hate it as much when the lights are against me because it takes far less effort to get back up to speed again which has made me a saver rider since there is no need to take risks to cut the number of times you need to slow down.

Also, the more forward you sit on a bike, the more you are crushing bits. Racing bikes comfortable? That must be why the most common bicycles are racing bikes. Oh wait. They are not.

Just maybe bike makers know more then you about what sells.

Comment Lousy argumentation (Score 2, Interesting) 289

Whether you agree or disagree with the need for the TSA, the above is a lousy childish argument.

The spinkler system at my office has not put out a single fire. My smoke detector has not once detected smoke. My life insurance has not once payed out. The airbag in your car has not once inflated and safed your life. My helmet has not once protected my head from a crash.

The TSA could counter khasim logic very simply: Since the TSA has been in existence no terrorist action on US targets has been succesful.

Both statements are true. And totally irrelevant.

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