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Comment It is the whole commons idea (Score 1) 1010

Farmers know this, every gone past a field of corn and seen sign declaring the corn not to be fit for human consumption? It is not because 1 person stealing corn does so much damage, but a 100 people? And not all of them will take just 1 corn or care about how they trample a dozen stalks to get the one they want.

In my youth if you were to late at the station to buy a ticket, you could buy one in the train, no problem all part of the service. Assholes like in this story ruined that because they would take a seat and then when checked would say they didn't have time to buy a ticket. Since you are not always checked you could often ride for free. So they changed the law, no more tickets sold by conductors (and fuck you if you are incapable of operating the machine) and a standard fine of 35 euro's no matter what. ALL because SOME assholes abused the system.

My 15kg foldable bike has 5kg of locks on it, because some people just can't keep their paws to themselves.

It is NOT about ONE guy stealing 5 cents of current, it is about the idea of taking something that doesn't belong to you.

Do you own a petrol car? Is there a lock on petrol cap? There didn't use to be one. Used to be it was just a ordinary cap anyone could open. Then assholes started to siphon gas wherever they could and locks became after market essentials and finally standard issue.

This kind of issue is nothing new, as said, farmers know it well, from corn to apples. 1 thief is not so bad, a thousand, and you got nothing left. If you cycle a lot, you will know that SOME people will put a tap out on hot days for passerby's to cool off and refill their water bottles. This usually lasts UNTIL an asshole comes by and totally abuses the situation by leaving a mess.

The person from the story is described as a habitual offender, he didn't just run out of power and decided to recharge his car without asking from a public socket, he does it as a matter of routine while he has no reason to assume it is okay. He is an asshole who takes and gives nothing.

If he walked into the office and made a single copy each day, would people claim that was okay? If he walked into the school to take a dump each day without asking, would that be acceptable?

And ten to one all the libertards defending this guy would shoot you in the face for daring to read a map by the light streaming out of their house.

Comment Not really, I am hardcore socialist (Score 1) 1010

And I think the guy was in the wrong. He can easily charge his car at home like everyone else. I just think this AC doesn't know what socialism and communism really means. It most certainly does NOT mean, grab whatever you can from public resources. Rather the opposite in fact.

Comment Moron (Score 1) 1010

You keep argueing your point even when a normal person would have realized by now he had none.

The socket was made available to VISITORS of the school to charge LAPTOPS. NOT for outsiders to charge their car.

THE VERY fact that you need a switch inside the house shows you how vile your world view is. If people just kept their paws of other peoples property you wouldn't need the switch. AND then, if someone's car ran down, saw your socket, they could charge their car, put a tenner in your mailbox with a thank you note and drive home.

Which is the better world to live in? Yours or mine? Yours were everything needs a lock or mine were you can trust people not to abuse everything?

Comment Okay, I take you up on that (Score 1) 1010

Post your bank account details here, I and everyone else will promise not to with draw more then 5 cents a day, each and every day, everyone one of us.

The guy in the story was an asshole repeatedly trying to charge his car for free. He didn't do it just once because his car ran down, he did it as a matter of routine. His mentality is the reason everything has to be locked up and nailed down. Because if not everything is behind lock and key some asswipe will abuse it.

Thanks to this guy, if your electric car happens to run down, you won't find any socket available you can ask permission to use because now everyone will put a lock on the socket and have "regulations" to deal with this. All because this asshole was to cheap to charge his car at home.

There is only one asshole here. No wait, there is the asshole from the story and you for thinking his repeated actions are okay. Or did you not read the story?

Comment No it isn't (Score 4, Insightful) 547

No normal person calls in a bomb threat to get out of a final that will at most just end being delayed.

That YOU were (and are) an idiot doesn't mean everyone is. If your moronic logic was true, then the phone at your average school would never stop ringing. This guy (and since you clearly identify with him, you) is an asshole who thought nothing of creating a major nuisance for teachers and students because he wanted to get out of an exam. Ten to one you and him are the type who then later grow up... grow older and at the slightest provocation threaten to sue anyone and everyone for any delay or inconvenience.

It is the eternal excuse of the asshole: Everyone does it.


Comment Collect? Depends (Score 1) 366

The child rapist and murderer has also been sentenced to pay restitution. He hasn't payed a dime while getting rich in prison working the stock market but through accounts in his sons name.

But that guy just murdered and tortured some girls. He is not as serious a criminal as someone who uploads a movie of course.

Comment Maybe that is why you have to work two jobs (Score 1) 617

I once knew a person like you, a most entitled little piece of shit who never did anything for anyone ever. And he couldn't figure why he couldn't hang on to a good job. Because NOBODY liked him, so at the first opportunity he got fired not because of cost cutting but simply because nobody wanted his odious ass around.

Enjoy your dead end life.

Comment Another lying artist (Score 1) 244

If it was a hit song, then why is there no income in July? And August? Oh wait, there is, he might still be collecting money for work done years for DECADES to come.

Who else gets payed for work they did once? Let him add the total, over his lifetime AND his childrens lifetime, and divide it by the number of hours he spend on it. Wanna bet it comes to far more then minimum wage? And this is ONE source of payment? You ever did work and get payed by multiple people for decades to come? No, me neither.

This artist purposely uses misleading data. That means he is a lying piece of scum.

Comment Even the summary shows the naivety (Score 1, Insightful) 244

The summary states how much artists are payed and the claim that the artists think that because the payout is not a billion dollars, they are payed to little and spotify is in the wrong.

I am sure many a person cleaning toilets is ALSO not happy with the payout. But the market value of cleaning toilets is low and so apparently is the market value of music by most artists.

Is spotify paying to little or is "indie" (read non-popular) music simply not a viable product in todays entertainment market.

THINK OF THIS: I see NOTHING in the article that could not lead to the conclusion: For barely any plays at all, unknown artists earn more per month then the majority of Americans. 3300 bucks? Isn't that in fact several times minimum wage in the US?

So what are they bitching about? Can I bitch that I am not payed enough for having sex with women? I only make 3300 dollars a month for shagging 400.000 women and I just don't think that is enough...

How much do these artists they should be payed FOR A SINGLE song that, statistically speaking, nobody wants to hear?

Life is hard, many people have to do back breaking work and still don't earn 3300 a month. And they certainly don't get payed for work they did last month, last year or even a decade ago.

How much do these "artists" expect to be payed anyway for a SINGLE listen to a SINGLE song by a SINGLE person?

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