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Comment Well ask the hypocrits (Score 1) 212

Ask the artists who openly break drug laws because they claim unpopular laws not supported by the majority of people (so they claim) are immoral.

Ask the artists who support copyright laws because they claim laws that hurt a small minority but have no popular support are moral and those who break said laws are immoral.

The reality of course is that pretty everyone is FOR laws that benefit themselves and against laws that don't.

Companies want to produce in cheap labor markets but preclude consumers from consuming from cheap labor markets (see import restrictions), you CD is made in Vietnam but you can't buy it from Vietnam.

Workers want companies to keep factories local so they can get a salary which they then wish to spend on cheap goods made abroad.

We are all selfish pieces of shit out to screw everyone and ending up screwing ourselves.

Comment Yeah right... did everybody forget about sweden? (Score 1) 752

This is the country that locks up file sharers. This is the country that is the toadie of the US where Assange is wanted on a bogus "rape" charge that wouldn't be a charge in any other civilized country.

There isn't a lack of criminals. The Dutch government is doing the same thing, closing jails. It is however NOT because crime has dropped, just that fewer and fewer jail sentences are given for even serious crime. It is easy to decrease the prison population, just abolish jail sentences.

Does that make for a better society? Ask this when you are violated and the criminal gets a slap on the wrist.

This has nothing to do with Sweden having found the answer to the problems of crimes and is just a cost cutting measure. Crime in Sweden has NOT gone down.

Comment That didn't use to be true (Score 1) 156

Classic MMORPG's got ONE fixed fee max out of you and that was it. And you knew it and they knew it. You payed 14.95 max per month, no more, no less and they had to lure you to keep playing with more content.

The thing I find really most amazing about "F2P" is just how fucking expensive it is. 14.95 once a month will buy you NOTHING. A legendary item in GW2 could easily be half a thousand to a thousand euro's with no discount for buying more gold. Who is that desperate?

As for playing just the story... the story is a grind too. "Hello, we are baking cupcakesto day, oh wait all the eggs spawned monsters, kill 5 waves of mobs!" "Hai there an entire army has marched on the enemies strong hold for a gloryrious do or die battle... oh you go in all alone and kill 5 waves of mobs please".

To make matters worse, there is one mission where you accompany some sniper plant people who kill everything with one shot. WTF? Where were they before OR after?

GW2 is a Michael Bay summer block buster movie. Enjoyable but when the next movie comes alone you will have totally forgotten about it.

Comment What are you smoking? (Score 1) 156

GW2 doesn't require grinding?

Lets see, legendary items, how long would you say it takes to aquire one? Down to the nearest month.

New crafted ascended weapons bould down to one item, you can only get from endlessly grinding either puzzles or dungeons. You need lots and lots of them. Crafting at first is easy but the last levels explode with weapons going from requiring ONE item to FIVE.

Items you buy with Laurels cost 50 or so, you can get 1 laurel per day and another 10 per month. So 1 item requires at least a month. There are 5 sloths. Forget about it if you got multiple alts.

Oh sure, you can fight with lesser items, you just die a lot.

Levelling up in GW2 is easy, getting gear so you can compete with other players, that is the grind.

It ain't all that bad a game and if you just play it for fun without aiming to be really effective, well you can have a blast.

But pretending it isn't a grind heavy game is just plain silly.

Comment Exactly (Score 4, Insightful) 599

These articles show you that a lot of nerds really are totally incapable of dealing with normal society.

If you changed the locks on your employers buildings and refused to hand over the keys, what do you think would happen? So why should digital keys/passwords be any different?

Some dweebs seem to construct fantasy worlds around themselves and since they lack interaction with other people becomes convinced that these fantasy worlds are real. Childs seems to have done so, he believed he was the only one fit to access these systems, that they were his babies and only he could properly care for them.

I am not sure he should go to jail for it. He should however get mandatory treatment, if needed in a padded cell with a lock. If he asks for the keys, tell him you don't think he is capable of properly dealing with it.

Comment True... but not entirely (Score 4, Informative) 274

OSX is indeed a real Unix... but the user world has moved on to Linux where things don't just work but are also easy to setup and control.

If you are used to a Linux install, going to OSX will be a shock. For one, there is no native package system, you will have to install one of several on your own. They are not nearly as reliable as say the debian system. It is do-able but for young people it pays to remind yourself that there is a reason UNIX never took off. That BSD never took off. Linux (the whole eco-system) did far more then make a Unix compatible system, it made Unix usable for the average geek. The "real" unixes were bastards to work on with each system just totally different enough to not make them at all compatible. Not like the way you can google a red hat fix and apply it to ubuntu or the way a arch-linux wiki page is useful to a gentoo user.

OSX made Unix usuable for the average hipster but crossing from geek Linux to once touched a girl OSX will be a shock, just how many things are different and just how much of OSX overrides the Unix way of doing things.

You can run FOSS software but it is NOT as easy as with a debian system. Before you buy a OSX machine to replace your ubuntu install, get an OSX user to show case their FOSS capabilities. Let them show you how they install an apache upgrade not yet released by Apple. Then go and hug your Ubuntu box and swear you will never ever look at an other system again.

Comment Oh dear (Score 1) 390

Android is what IBM was? You mean doomed to become totally obsolete in the phone business the same way IBM was?

I could understand what you meant if you had likened Android to Microsoft or even Compaq but to a company who no longer makes PC's and whose PC OS (OS/2) was dead on arrival seems you either think Android is doomed, or have a shaky grasp of IT history.

Comment This always amazes me about race drivers (Score 1) 638

People who drove a cart on a company outing think they are just a bit of luck away from a Michael Schumacher because he also drove carts. You are not even fucking close! These people are so concentrated on their job when driving and you note that NONE of them have a starbucks cup wedged between their knees and a cellphone in their ear and a crying baby on the next seat. Not even in nascar.

And race car drivers spend endless days studying a route that doesn't chance, is empty of obstacles and the only traffic goes in the same direction and is other highly skilled and focused drivers. And they do all this in cars that can stop in an instant and are completely rebuild before each drive.

Nothing about this compares to normal driving. Do you change your tires because it is raining? Do you put heating pads on your tires to make sure they have grip before you start out on a journey? Is your journey to work dotted with guys with huge flags to warn of you the slightest danger? No? THEN YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING RACE DRIVER. If you were you would be making more money and be to busy having sex with super models to post on a site for nerds.

Your a really bad driver, in a bad car on lousy roads surrounded by people who are just as bad AND distracted by thousand things. Or do you think Schumacher goes "oh I got a message, got to reply right now".

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