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Comment True... but not entirely (Score 4, Informative) 274

OSX is indeed a real Unix... but the user world has moved on to Linux where things don't just work but are also easy to setup and control.

If you are used to a Linux install, going to OSX will be a shock. For one, there is no native package system, you will have to install one of several on your own. They are not nearly as reliable as say the debian system. It is do-able but for young people it pays to remind yourself that there is a reason UNIX never took off. That BSD never took off. Linux (the whole eco-system) did far more then make a Unix compatible system, it made Unix usable for the average geek. The "real" unixes were bastards to work on with each system just totally different enough to not make them at all compatible. Not like the way you can google a red hat fix and apply it to ubuntu or the way a arch-linux wiki page is useful to a gentoo user.

OSX made Unix usuable for the average hipster but crossing from geek Linux to once touched a girl OSX will be a shock, just how many things are different and just how much of OSX overrides the Unix way of doing things.

You can run FOSS software but it is NOT as easy as with a debian system. Before you buy a OSX machine to replace your ubuntu install, get an OSX user to show case their FOSS capabilities. Let them show you how they install an apache upgrade not yet released by Apple. Then go and hug your Ubuntu box and swear you will never ever look at an other system again.

Comment Oh dear (Score 1) 390

Android is what IBM was? You mean doomed to become totally obsolete in the phone business the same way IBM was?

I could understand what you meant if you had likened Android to Microsoft or even Compaq but to a company who no longer makes PC's and whose PC OS (OS/2) was dead on arrival seems you either think Android is doomed, or have a shaky grasp of IT history.

Comment This always amazes me about race drivers (Score 1) 638

People who drove a cart on a company outing think they are just a bit of luck away from a Michael Schumacher because he also drove carts. You are not even fucking close! These people are so concentrated on their job when driving and you note that NONE of them have a starbucks cup wedged between their knees and a cellphone in their ear and a crying baby on the next seat. Not even in nascar.

And race car drivers spend endless days studying a route that doesn't chance, is empty of obstacles and the only traffic goes in the same direction and is other highly skilled and focused drivers. And they do all this in cars that can stop in an instant and are completely rebuild before each drive.

Nothing about this compares to normal driving. Do you change your tires because it is raining? Do you put heating pads on your tires to make sure they have grip before you start out on a journey? Is your journey to work dotted with guys with huge flags to warn of you the slightest danger? No? THEN YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING RACE DRIVER. If you were you would be making more money and be to busy having sex with super models to post on a site for nerds.

Your a really bad driver, in a bad car on lousy roads surrounded by people who are just as bad AND distracted by thousand things. Or do you think Schumacher goes "oh I got a message, got to reply right now".

Comment The BBC explained (Score 3, Interesting) 210

The thing to remember about the BBC is that is the elite, who know they are the elite, getting an elite salary living in the elite section of London being quite ashamed about being elite, ridled with white guilt but not to the point of you know, hiring a "black" person. It is fun when you watch a show like "Have I got news for you" and you realize that 99% of the presentors and guests make more per episode then most Brits make in a year. "Deayton's salary was halved to £25,000 a show but the latest revelations forced Ms Heggessey's hand." http://www.theguardian.com/media/2002/oct/29/broadcasting.bbc6

That was ten years ago. HALVED TO, so it USED to be 50.000 pounds. Per episode. The series used to do two seasons per year of around a dozen episodes. And 50.000 pounds was his fee PER SHOW!

Now I don't know the exact economics of the UK but I think it is fair to assume that for most people, 50k a YEAR would be a nice salary to have. This guy gets it for a couple hours "work". His co-hosts frequently portray themselves as either being "working class" or defender of the down-trodden but they get similar fees and have other jobs besides this show.

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson made a joke about the UK soldiers who were captured by Iran that they made quite a nice salary "oh that is per year!?! never mind" he then quipped. It is funny but it shows the complete separation between normal people (the audience of the BBC) and its stars. What do these people, whether they host a popular entertainment program, a news show or the news itself about losing their job and not knowing how you are going to pay next weeks rent (and no, not knowing how you are going to pay the mortgage on your 3rd 5 million pound summer home is not the same thing).

Or do you think Angus Deaton getting his salary halved from a mere 50k to 25k for an half hour show is on the same level as a pensioner having their benefits cut?

The BBC used to be a rare mix of working class and oxford silver spoon people making TV if not together then at least in the same building. This has changed. The pay has gotten so good that even if they were working class when they started, they aren't after a few years. This has rotted the BBC to the point you can see it in their news service, they just don't get the working class, let alone the class without jobs anymore. They feel sorry for them but like a nobel who sends his butler with the remains of the turkey dinner to the orphanage. Watch some HIGNFY eps were there are working class union reps on. The hostility is palpatable, how dare these people who make less then 20k a year tells us what it is really about.

Comment From exceptionally dull weirdos (Score 1) 453

Come on, be honest. I have been in software developer for over a decade and I yet got to meet the first normal well rounded human being. And it takes a weirdo to regonize one. How about a lead developer who only whispers? A developer who worked in the server room because he couldn't stand working in the same office with other people? A born again Christian working for a porn company. Female co-workers who complain about sexism in the office then hand me their bra during a company team building excersise to create the longest chain of clothes? Guys which such bitter hatred of women that they resent any female co-workers being hired despite being drowned in work claiming that women are taking mens job when the company has a dozen positions open for years. I am not even talking about the people who can't get in the office before 12 or who have facial ticks or to who the concept of cleaning up their own cups is totally alien. I am good at my job and I enjoy it but lets no pretend your average developer is a normal human being. And to any who protest? Remember, "I think thou does protest to much". The office is a place you go to remind yourself that 99% of humanity should not breed. Or even breath.

Comment Nah it is a LIE (Score 1) 569

US broadband prices are the lowest in the world because the free unregulated market and zero government interference give companies incentives to compete on service and/or price ensuring US consumers get the service they want at the price they wish to pay.

ANYONE who believes anything else is an enemy of the state and will be re-educated through being forced to watch American TV 24/7 with 23/7 commercials.

In posts commenting (and damning yourself) please include your service number for easy matching by your friendly NSA agent.

Comment No (Score 5, Insightful) 88

Why not? If it is disaster you just want to rip open a bag and have the item you want right there and then.

Not have to depend on a 3D printer that may or may not have been damaged, materials that may or may not have been contaminated, electricity supply that may or may not work and operator who may or may not be available. You just want to grab a sealed bag and use its contents straight away.

Furthermore, Haiti only needs to print these clamps because its entire social structure is so corrupt that money that was send to buy these clamps did not arrive and any medical supplies get stolen. How long do you think it will be before 3d printers go missing same as emergency generators have gone missing? The Haiti disaster is NOT the earth quake anymore it is the total corruption of its society and funneling in expensive toys will not fix it.

Ten to one within a month this 3d printer will have sprouted legs and walked out of the building.

Comment Are you an actual moron? (Score 3, Insightful) 188

The parent wrote it down for you. You are placing an order with your credit card and shipping address. What MORE could they possible need in your "dossier"? Or do you think a webstores order database is magically of limits? Or that the NSA is only snooping on your internet connection and not the webstore?

If you don't want people to know your weird hobby, don't pay it online with your registered credit card and home address. The moment you do, privacy doesn't exist anymore.

And you do deserve being called a MORON because clearly you have no clue about security and/or TOR and/or anonimity.

Remember the Silk Road story? How was he caught? By sleuthing, by connection anonymous messages together through identifiers.

You want to use TOR to place an order, a MESSAGE, with in that message your CREDIT CARD and HOME ADDRESS? Why not also include that amazingly funny nick you thought of that you also use in all your "lets blow up the government" posts and make their job extra easy?

This stuff should really be obvious, if you use an anonymous message service, don't include personal identifiers. The general advice is to avoid any mention of GENDER, TIMEZONE, use of slang, catchphrases etc etc. And you think it is a good idea to include your fucking HOME ADDRESS and credit card details.

Tor has one use, to hide your IP, and you just gave them your address instead. If you don't get the stupidity of your idea, you really just shouldn't bother with TOR, you are just going to screw up anyway.

You are not alone in this, the other responder below also just doesn't get it. What does your IP have to do with your credit card? Both are registered to the same person?

Security, it is a LOT harder then people think.

Comment Yes. Wouldn't you? (Score 1) 188

Blame the criminals. Security, especially effective security is ALWAYS inconvenient. It would be much easier if I come home to simply push open the door but thanks to those who can't keep their hands of other peoples stuff I have first open two locks.

Dutch banks recently started blocking ATM access by default, you have to unlock the card if you want to use it anywhere in the world. It stops east europeans from withdrawing money on your card in their country. Same reason there is withdrawal limit on most cards per day. If it is stolen they can't empty your entire account in one day and hopefully the next day you will have had it blocked.

This is inconvenient but do you really want to use a system that ignores obvious warning flags because losing your money is preferable over losing a sale?

Remember they are protecting you just as much as themselves.

Now your particular example will probably pass if you ordered from them before because the delivery is to your registered adres. But what if someone ordered with your card at your regular webstore but wanted the item shipped to Nigeria with the idea that you might be going on holiday there and wanted the item to arrive there with you? It is feasible, and in court you would lose your money because you made the deal as far as the store could now and you insisted online there be no security.

Comment I can predict the future (Score 5, Insightful) 189

I can predict there will be a lot of posts by developers of other languages laughing at PHP while ignoring their own languages massive security failures in the often not so distant past. That is okay when for instance Ruby had their massive security hole or Java applets were kicked out of every browser, I giggled like a schoolgirl too.

But it sure was fun today to google some obscure function and be told php.net might harm your computer. Especially when you are having to fight management daily on some silly security measures you insisted on to protect your project that are so inconvenient and un-necessary because the project hasn't been hacked yet... sigh... do I have to point out that maybe it hasn't been broken into yet because I put the security measures in place? Or that it might simply not have been our turn yet? Nah... it must be because I am an idiot who sees script kiddies everywhere.

Security, if you do it right everyone thinks you have wasted your time and when you do it wrong, it is all your fault.

But at least the amazing pay, respect, job security and being the stuff all women dream about makes up for it...

Oh wait.

I can predict the future, I am going to die a bitter and angry nerd.

Comment Their is a market for this? (Score 1) 185

Ad limitting? So I have to go through the hassle of doing something by installing a program and then that program only does half the job?

I am lazy but when with the same amount of effort I can install a program that blocks all ads, why the hell would I use your program?

That is like being to lazy to scratch your ass but when you do finally scratch it, not scratch it enough to kill the itch.

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