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Comment You know what is going to take real balls? (Score 1) 196

The TRUE horror of how corrupt the system is will become clear if Elop really does become the next MS CEO. Because that would be the smoking gun. Despite what everyone seems to think Elop is far from a shoe-in for next CEO of MS. And ruining your previous company is hardly a good thing to be considered for such a position.

UNLESS of course he didn't screw up at Nokia but did exactly what his bosses at MS wanted him to do. But then rewarding him with the CEO title would be all the evidence even the most rabid wallstreet fan would need.

If you hire a hitman to kill your wife you can't then reward that hitman in full public view without providing evidence there is a link between the two of you. That is why brown envelopes exist, you pay your assasin in secret, away from prying eyes. You don't pay them in your financial report.

Personally I think something much simpler is going on, Ballmer and Elop are just the type to fully belief that this was the best thing. That Elop did NOT kill of Nokia but rather saved IT!

When people live in ivory towers for to long, they really start to believe their yes-men.

Comment Nice rant, pity about the evidence (Score 1) 335

You rant a nice rant but which license is the most widely adopted and whose code is the mode widely used again?

It ain't BSD powering Android.

The BSD advocates are all "Our license encourages sharing, ignore the fact nobody uses it and nobody shares it, waah why is Linux so much more popular!". BSD is a good license for example and throwaway code but for code you value and for which you want people to continute back their chances, for a community effort, the GPL is the license to choose.

And so far, historic evidence, the examples of who likes BSD (MS and Apple) and who like GPL (everyone else) shows me exactly what each license achieves in the real world.

Comment So? The apps avoid areas, not people (Score 1) 452

The entire point about avoiding a ghetto says something about an area you do not want to go to. It says NOTHING about race or do you think every ghetto in the world is about black people? Plenty of white areas you want to avoid as well. Or brown, or yellow or other brown.

But you are right, people often aren't aware they are racist. Like YOU, you automatically assume a ghetto area is all about race. You cannot even consider the idea that a ghetto area might NOT be about black people. That is how deep racism goes. When you can hear the word ghetto and not immediately assume the inhabitants are black, then you can claim not to be racist.

Comment Translation: Don't scare me! (Score 2) 236

Translation of the above: Please don't tell me scary things, tell me everything is alright with lots of puppies and kittens who never ever die. Tell me a world of unicorns and rainbows so I can believe everything is alright and as it should be and I can excuse myself for not lifting a finger to improve the world.

Allow me to rest my hand in the sand and then complain like a bitch when I am run over by a lorry. Because someone else should have been saving the world while I looked the other way.

Comment Man, you are a loser (Score 1) 588

Zimmerman was patrolling a GATED community in which Martin himself also lived as far as I know. I don't like the idea of gated communities but if you live in one, you basically agree with neighborhood watches.

Zimmerman HAD the right to play cop given to him by everyone who choose to live in that GATED community, including Martin.

And Martin only lived there because he was a thug wannabe and had been kicked out by his parents.

It is clear where you loyalties lie, you believe Martin should be able to do whatever he want, up to and including crime and nobody has a right to say "not in my neighborhood". Zimmerman was patrolling for a reason, crime had gone up. Oddly enough just after Martin moved in, Martin who on his phone had evidence of several crimes.

Comment Nokia took the lead with Symbian (Score 1) 535

And Symbian was developed NOT because the phone makers wanted their own OS but because they had seen what happened to PC makers when they became OEM's and didn't want to become MS slaves.

Nokia lead the move that was "anything but MS", now it has been silenced. You can Samsung now attempting to break itself free from Android by continuing development of MeeGo.

Comment Meh, why should MS care (Score 4, Funny) 413

Windows Dev: Gives us the RTM MS or else!

MS: Or else?

Windows Dev: Or.... or... I will continue to buy into your mono-culture by not learning any portable languages or tool chains and only develop for your product to the greater glory of your holiness.

MS: I might have stepped in something, lick clean my shoe and try to hide your excitement.

Windows Dev: Yes glorious master.

MS knows EXACTLY how to treat its 3rd party developers. Like shit and the 3rd party developers will lap it up hoping that one day they will be bought out. Or *shiver* partnered. Which is code for getting it so hard up the ass your tonsils hurt.

Comment Personally I prefer the dead man's shoes approach (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Why wait until your boss retires... why not assist him on his way to his final reward. What do you think crawl spaces are for anyway?

And what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Got an ambitious underling? There is always more room under the office.

The only downside is getting the fingers to un-stiffen enough to sign your references. You would think that the blood and putrid remains on the resume might cause questions, but real businessmen understand. Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 175

The whole idea about "illegal" filesharing is that if I set up a torrent and you download, I am guilty of infringement because I made it available.

Therefor, if you setup a torrent will material, you CANNOT then claim that those who download it of you, are downloading it illegally from YOU. It is a simple thing called common sense, you can't claim mutually exclusive things to be true.

Either a torrent creator is responsible for making a download available or he isn't.

And smart people then phantomfive HAVE already ruled on this, it is NOT legal to setup up a honeypot for filesharing. If a content owner makes content available for download, by definition the download is legal. Any other explanation fo the law would allow me to claim you stole this post by downloading it and even READING it!!! You pirate! Now pay me the full worth of my post!

Lets see, if all you readers payed me in full and I had a dollar, I would still be 4 dollars short for a cup of coffee.

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