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Comment Meh, why should MS care (Score 4, Funny) 413

Windows Dev: Gives us the RTM MS or else!

MS: Or else?

Windows Dev: Or.... or... I will continue to buy into your mono-culture by not learning any portable languages or tool chains and only develop for your product to the greater glory of your holiness.

MS: I might have stepped in something, lick clean my shoe and try to hide your excitement.

Windows Dev: Yes glorious master.

MS knows EXACTLY how to treat its 3rd party developers. Like shit and the 3rd party developers will lap it up hoping that one day they will be bought out. Or *shiver* partnered. Which is code for getting it so hard up the ass your tonsils hurt.

Comment Personally I prefer the dead man's shoes approach (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Why wait until your boss retires... why not assist him on his way to his final reward. What do you think crawl spaces are for anyway?

And what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Got an ambitious underling? There is always more room under the office.

The only downside is getting the fingers to un-stiffen enough to sign your references. You would think that the blood and putrid remains on the resume might cause questions, but real businessmen understand. Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 175

The whole idea about "illegal" filesharing is that if I set up a torrent and you download, I am guilty of infringement because I made it available.

Therefor, if you setup a torrent will material, you CANNOT then claim that those who download it of you, are downloading it illegally from YOU. It is a simple thing called common sense, you can't claim mutually exclusive things to be true.

Either a torrent creator is responsible for making a download available or he isn't.

And smart people then phantomfive HAVE already ruled on this, it is NOT legal to setup up a honeypot for filesharing. If a content owner makes content available for download, by definition the download is legal. Any other explanation fo the law would allow me to claim you stole this post by downloading it and even READING it!!! You pirate! Now pay me the full worth of my post!

Lets see, if all you readers payed me in full and I had a dollar, I would still be 4 dollars short for a cup of coffee.

Comment Damnit, don't leave us hanging (Score 1) 296

What brand was his pocket protector... and did it have the required number of pencils for his job?

On a more serious note, if you even wonder about wearing a holster for anything but a gun, you are a nerd, you will look like a nerd even in the best suit dressed by the hippest person in the world. You are Duane Dibbley, don't fight it. Let the nerd flow through you.

There are some people meant to look in whatever they put on and there are some who don't. If you EVER thought about a mechanical pencil any more then, "I need to write down something, this will do" then you are in the last group. Accept it, now put on those white socks and your sandals, hike up your belt to above your navel and snort boy, SNORT!

Comment Exactly, I am lost to the content industry (Score 2) 443

I am to old and to set in my ways to change anymore. The content industry treated me like a leaper and thief for to long for me to now start dancing to their tune again. The old practices of charging high prices for 2 episodes on a single VHS tapes, charging 1 dollar for a single song only accepting credit cards, the endless unskippable ads and warnings on BOUGHT content, lame copy protection that only bothers paying customers have just completely turned me of paying for content. I get better, faster service for free then when I payed for it for over 20 years. Fine, I take the hint. I keep my money and spend it on other stuff.

People like me are lazy, it took a LOT for me to start blocking ads for instance, it was just to much hazzle in the beginning. But now installing ad-blocker is part of my routine after installing a new browser. And I won't change that routine anytime soon. Push me over the edge and I won't climb back up, I will stay there and nurture my grievances long after you claimed they are gone.

Oh and TV shows are STILL over priced, DVD's still have unskippable warnings and adds and songs are STILL a dollar a song AND it is still a nightmare to pay with iDeal (dutch cross bank payment system) on most services.

Oh and since breaking bad aired on a dutch public channel, may taxes payed for it whether I want to watch it or not, so why shouldn't I be able to download (it airs without commercial breaks) it? Downloading is legal in Holland anyway.

Comment Well I bought them as a EU citizen when visitting (Score 3, Interesting) 223

As a EU citizen you are probably aware not a single food from the US comes from the US... there is NO food exported by the US to anywhere else that did not come from somewhere else to begin with. Real American foods such as American Cheese, American Beer, Grits and .... well that is about it, are not export. American bakery products are amongst them. And for good reason.

Twinkies are famous for being one of two things to outlast the nuclear holocaust. And you got to pity the cockroaches if that is the only food left. The maker claims their long life is a myth but I tested this by keeping them on a hot PC for over 2 years and the taste at the end had not changed. Can't say if they spoiled, just that the taste has not changed.

So what is the taste. Imagine a cake.... now imagine cake without butter. Ah, like Chiffon cake you might say... NO. In order to have a long shelf life, the hostess company does not put butter in its cakes. This might confuse those of you who think ordinary cake with butter has a long shelf life if properly wrapped but you know, Americans. They have however NOT simply made a Chiffon cake (also does not contain butter) but added something else. Don't know what but it is chemical You could lick an oil refinery and not encounter such a chemical taste. Why you might want to lick a oil refinery? Possibly because you just ate a Twinky.

The cake is truly horrible in every regard, taste (chemical), texture(dry), color(frightingly yellow pale). Inside the Twinky the ugliest caterpillar ever made a cocoon and died just as its entire body had degraded into a white mass. There are various candy interiors you better not think about to closely, this is they their queen. I think it actually serves as a coating for you taste pupils to guard you against the true horror of the cake.

So why do American love it so much?


When I went to the US a few years ago, I went on the hunt for them because I heard so much about them and had to taste them. Most Americans I asked had no idea what I was talking about. I finally found them at Redneck central Walmart. Everything you ever heard about the USA and don't really believe is happening right now at Walmart. I now understand the compulsive need American feels to own a dozen machine guns.

To recap:

If you EVER hear about a regional delicacy that hasn't made it past its region. Take a GODDAMN HINT. Chocolate, Beer (except American), Wine, Cheese, Appels etc etc ARE NOT regional delicacies because they taste damned good and everyone loves them. Rotten fish, maggot cheese, American cheese are ONLY available in select locations because everyone will sooner declare war then import them. This includes ANYTHING from the hostess company.

They went bankrupt for a reason. Americans are fond of them because their mothers (who hated them) gave them a cake from a big box to shut them up and of such things the memories of childhood are made. But nobody in the US actually eats them. You shouldn't either, I did so you don't have to.

Comment No, it is much better (Score 3, Interesting) 397

Basically Obama just killed the patent system. The US is no longer the power it once was and it is just legitimized India's moves to take essential medicines out of the patent system. And while American voters can be easily swayed, the rest of the world has just seen that it is okay to ignore US laws when it doesn't suit you and they WILL follow.

Obama seems determined to go down in history as the worst US president ever. This WILL end up biting the US in the ass. Samsung doesn't care about a billion dollar fine but the US NEEDS the patent system and for it to be respected. You can't win a trade war if you just made your only remaining product worthless.

Comment Yeah yeah, bullshit someone else (Score 1) 112

There are 19 days left, if you don't signup before that deadline you lost your chance. NOBODY else will try AND NOBODY else will come even close to giving you what you want. Get over your sense of entitlement that EVERYTHING need to be just the way you want it. This is the real world and your mommy ain't around to cut the crusts of your bread.

If this project does not exist, the message is clear, the linux world is to divided for anyone to cater for because no matter what you do, they always want more and not just give an existing project a chance right now.

It is not even that much a risk, if the project isn't funded, you get all your money back.

Comment You PUSSY! (Score 1) 526

SIX blades! The best REAL men can get.

Oh and lifehacker or something like that did a user survey and the five blade does end as the most popular. People can joke all they want but they want a safe easy shave in the morning.

And how many cores do the new consoles have? Both 8. But hey, Sony and MS are both stupid...

Well there goes my argument.

Comment Only a console fanboy would state this (Score 1) 136

Because to a PC gamer something is VERY obviously different. The specs all the console fanboys are drooling over is for hardware YET to be released. Right now, gaming PC's already surpass those specs. PC specs will continue to evolve, the console specs will be fixed for another half a decade at least if not longer.

Remember, during the hype up of EVERY console launch, people have drooled at trailers and demo's (running often on PC's) and then the games finally launch and it turns out that when you are powering a real game, you can't dedicate all your resources to rendering an amazing demo scene.

I am reminded of commentary by the FEAR developers about how they had to choose for each room how many lights vs AI they wanted. They couldn't have a large number of both. If they wanted to create a big fight in a room with dynamic lights, they couldn't. On a PC, modders often add this, countless projects make games like Fallout and Skyrim harder and more fun by upping the number of enemies (rather then just adding hit points) figuring that gamers who want this have PC's that handle it. On a console you won't see it.

About the only upgrade you can do on a console is to replace the slow as hell HD with an SSD. But PC gamers are already on raid setups. I am only reminded things like loading screens exist when I turn on a console.

My current PC outpaces consoles not yet released. Over the coming years it will rapidly leave console hardware behind until a cheapass dell can run rings out the consoles of this generation.

About the only upside I can see is that now that consoles FINALLY get at least some decent memory (my PC hard 32gb simply because it doesn't cost anything anymore) developers will FINALLY be shifting to 64 bit code and you no longer need to patch PC games to be large address aware.

This generation MIGHT however be rather short IF 4K tv takes off. No way the current hardware can handle that at acceptable frame raters/detail levels. Since 4k tv's are going to launch for less then 1000 before the next generation consoles, it might be intresting to see what is going to happen.

Meanwhile, the modding scene will continue to exclusively cater for the PC crowd and turn average games into brilliant ones for free. And games like "The Last of Us" will sell purely on story because as a shooter it sucks DONKEY BALLS. Do you know what will TRULY revolutionize gaming and making porting trivial?

Allow keyboard/mouse as a standard option on console games. Mind you, Naughty Dog might actually have to create an AI (wait in the first outdoor area with the patrolling soldiers and they will all stop with their back to you, and not respond while you kill them a few meters from each other. But hey, console gamers probably find that a challenge.

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