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Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: x-mas time 2


x-mas time is here, it's snowing, i'm alone in my room writing code and reading /. on x-mas day...

what's wrong with this family, my friends are all away on leave, no booze, no nekid chix...every once in a while the military thing sux...

ok...i have to do some laundry, fix kde, get blitzed...then it's anime time :-)

User Journal

Journal Journal: it's odd sometimes... 3

you know...i've been able to moderate a for a little while now, yet i can't meta-moderate of life's interesting quirks i guess :-)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Birthday 1

Woho! it's that day of the year i'm off to go get drunk and laid.


Journal Journal: Ech...edumaction is the key...

i sat...playing with my brain as always...and all i wanted was excellent karma, a g/f, and some beer...why am i on /. then???

so much for a social life...


It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Duct Tape

This wonderfull substance has so many uses...most of which i'm sure they'll arrest me for...but would be fun...

Journal Journal: bashing my head against a wall...

If only one could convince one's superiors of their stupidity...

LUSERS blew up the exchange server today, and then whined about uptimes. If only they would allow us to run a stable system...

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