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Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 657

You can Frankenstein your laptop too... I bought a Dell and replaced the motherboard, processor and heatsink, memory, hard disk, wireless card, and part of the case. I have a replacement video card and keyboard waiting to be installed. But admittedly you cannot simply build a laptop from scratch.

Comment Re:Still no Retina support for OS X (Score 1) 137

Can't you just zoom in the website with Ctrl-+ and get the same effect? That's what I do on Windows with a 3840x2400 display. Admittedly some websites specify fixed pixel sizes for things so they appear scrunched into the top left corner, or in a thin dribble down the middle, but I don't see how you can fix that without violating web standards. Does the 'Retina' mode render something that says 100 pixels as 200 pixels instead?

Comment Re:That doesn't really show anything. (Score 1) 317

I don't believe those airlines are subsidized directly by their respective governments. Certainly BA is a private company and is no longer particularly British (it merged with the also-privatized Iberia). It's true that national airlines or 'flag carriers' have often enjoyed special privileges, but those are usually of the kind which tend to *increase* ticket prices, not reduce them.

Comment Re:While you're at it... (Score 1) 661

Also, you should know that your claims about driving 3840x2160 are a bit misleading. You may be able to do it over a single HDMI link, but you're not getting full 60 Hz progressive refresh. HDMI doesn't have enough bandwidth to support that. You're probably dropping down to ~30 or even ~15 Hz refresh.

That's what I suspected too. Usually there is an on-screen display which shows you the refresh rate you're using.

Comment Re:While you're at it... (Score 1) 661

I wonder, Wikipedia isn't usually wrong on this stuff (and with T221 monitors the DVI bandwidth restrictions are all too real) but you have a clear counterexample. But if there is no problem driving 2560x1440 over plain DVI, why was dual link DVI invented? Hardware manufacturers wouldn't spend the money to provide the extra pins if they didn't do anything. There must be something we are missing.

Comment Re:While you're at it... (Score 1) 661

Cool. I have monitors with a similar resolution but only 22 inches - so I have to set the font size to extra large in every application. I imagine that you can keep fonts at 'normal' size and just have a super huge desktop. Here's a photo of my setup: (it's a big image but I guess you will have no problem displaying it!) Do you have a photo of yours?

Comment Re:While you're at it... (Score 1) 661

Nope, DVI won't cope with 4000x4000 resolution at any refresh rate you'd want to use. The bandwidth on a DVI link is relatively limited. From Wikipedia:

The DVI specification mandates a maximum pixel clock frequency of 165 MHz when running in single-link mode. With a single DVI link, the highest supported standard resolution is 2.75 megapixels (including blanking interval) at 60 Hz refresh.

Dual-link DVI is twice the bandwidth but that is still not nearly enough for a 4k*4k display at 60Hz.

I have first-hand experience of this driving T221 monitors (which are less than ten megapixels). Over a dual-link DVI connection only about 30Hz refresh is possible, even if you overclock the DVI link beyond the spec.

As for analogue VGA connectors, there is no defined limit, but basic signal processing laws limit the pixels you can push down the wire. In practice, even with a very short 0.5 metre cable of the highest quality I could find, the picture quality at a mere 1920x1080 resolution is noticeably worse with analogue cabling than with DVI. That might be due to the A-to-D converter in the monitor rather than to a limitation of the cable or graphics card, but making A-to-D converters capable of handling this large bandwidth, together with the higher-spec cabling required, would be very expensive. Much more so than using a digital interface such as Displayport 2.0.

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