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Comment Re:$6600 per Kindle! (Score 2) 117

Having dealt with selling a government some hardware and services, I can understand charging way more. They don't just call up and order what's on the shelf like your other customers. They want studies and paperwork and certifications and documents and reviews and more paperwork and certificates and contracts and guarantees and the whole process takes a year for what takes your other customers a week.

Seriously, I'm all for accountability in government, but this is the kind of stuff you get for it.

Comment Re:little kid brother modes (Score 1) 362

I enjoy watching my brother play some of his games, and that SMG feature is hilarious. I'd like to see multi-player expand game types; I almost never played COD4 multiplayer, but I almost always like playing puzzle/adventure games (like Monkey Island or Space Quest or what have you) with someone else. Perhaps it's because they were my game of choice in the early 90s (when it was 1 PC per house, not per person), but they don't seem like anywhere near as much fun when played by myself. I'd like to be able to share a screen and controls, and have those arguments about where to go or what to click, and get called an idiot for killing Roger Wilco. :-)

Comment Re:Appeals process (Score 1) 332

People who are putting their life into "the cloud" perhaps should be looking at online backup solutions specifically aimed at Google.

I just bought an Android phone, and some of the more advanced features (search suggestion is the only one I can find right now) won't work unless I have an actual "" account. (My work email is accessed through Google, but apparently that's not enough).

The thought of my phone being crippled by Google on a whim certainly leaves me uneasy.

Comment Are there CC companies that fight fraud? (Score 1) 511

A common theme I hear is that credit card companies don't care enough about fraud to do any investigation whatsoever. I'm loath to pay any fees at all on my credit card, but I'd probably pay, say, 50$/year to get a card where, in the event of my card being used fraudulently, the criminals are hunted down and prosecuted / persecuted to the fullest extent available in the country in which they're found. (Rather than it just being written off as a cost-of-business expense and raising everyone's interest rates)

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