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Comment I'm calling Shenanigans here... (Score 2) 608

So number 1... which is all I really need, is how did they determine half the people pulled over were smoking cannabis? They say in the article they can't.

2 - the numbers are probably skewed in the way of cannabis because the US cannot lose any wars. And the war on drugs, is a war. So this is just a continuation of the scare tactics we've seen all too much.

3 - I know pharmacists. They say at least 50% of the population is on lortabs, percocets, etc... Stuff with hydrocodon and oxycodone. It could be easy to say, that chances are if you're reading this, you have a prescription.

Bottom line, the study is flawed and just a continuation of scare tactics IMVHO.

Comment but but but... (Score 1) 179

why would anyone want to stifle the public's innovation?

I get it - you came up with it first... congrats. So instead of me doing it just a slightly different way which falls under your patent (even though I had no knowledge of what you were doing), you want to play monopoly.

And we wonder why your average joe isn't pushing out tons of patents - major companies are. And if mister average joe is a Tesla or Franklin, in these days, they would be put away in a secret compound owned by major company.

Comment I'd like to add a small change (Score 2, Interesting) 313

"...Windows 8 is a downgrade, not an upgrade, because it steals users' freedom, security and privacy."

This may be so, but I think that statement detracts from the fact that windows is starting to make users very ignorant. Windows 7 took away the advanced search. I used to love to be able to search for files largers than 10MB very easily but now I must use third party software to do a very "Windows" function.

I sometimes mourn for the days that when you installed something, its functions went into its own directory. You could very easily find what you're looking for, and modify if possible. This constantly gets stripped down, at least for a few things.

Comment FTA... (Score -1, Flamebait) 547

"Perhaps someone needs to let Stephen Fry, Al Murray and Chambersâ(TM) other celebrity backers know about this latest instance of the British justice system failing to grasp modern technology?"

Celebrity backers? How about to make it in TODAY'S world, with TODAY'S politics, we require testing for our representatives to make sure they understand the concepts going on outside of their safety bubble? Too much to ask for? Well - "why don't airplanes windows roll down?" - Romney

Comment I don't see adoption happening (Score 3) 269

Its like windows vista... Its a "lets dip our feet in the water" sort of pull.

I would say its *very* preemptive to release it so shortly after people have just gotten used to Win7 and Win2008 R2. After playing with win8 and win2012, there's no way I can see either as any sort of viable OS. Trying to get people to use either is a very long jump - maybe its a long jump to see how much win8 will be used on tablets.

Win2012 is, to me, a disaster. There's no start button - instead you must mouse down to pixel 0,0 where there's nothing to indicate "hey - start button here" and when you do discover it, its like being given a camaro, only to discover that the V-8 has been pulled out and rigged with a 4 cylinder. There's also another hidden bar for "charms." Why all the hiding?

Hyper-V has improved a little, and there are some administrative functionality that, if you know how to get to, might be useful...

I just think its too soon - people are comfortable with Win7 and more importantly, have gotten comfortable with Win2008 R2, and how to manage each. Big corps are just now adopting Win7, and people tend to take their "work" home with them. They have gotten comfortable with the new OS, and IT people are stubborn.

And, lets face it - VMWare beat Microsoft to the VM punch, and that's where most small and medium, and especially large enterprises. Sure Win2012 is now manageable by one workstation, but we've been managing servers with RDP and VMware's native console passthrough for a long time.

I'm sure lots of other people have their opinions, so lets see those.

Comment A call for REASON (Score 1) 375

There's no such thing as global warming... or kittens.

Do NOT let the candidates know the questions ahead of time - any parrot can rattle off speeches. It takes a real mind to answer real questions without filibustering the question into the ground, while seeming to sheeple that you did in fact answer the question.

Comment Hold times will increase, but so will (Score 3, Insightful) 413

your chances of getting an english speaking representative who's name isn't either Jay or Mike.

I know that the people making the big bucks will just take the hit in customer satisfaction over this blackout, but maybe it will make them realize you can't offshore everything.

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