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Comment 10 - No! (Score 0) 206

20 goto 10

If Carl Sagan were alive, and knew what FOX was all about these days, he would never agree to having his show re-made. Its cool - yes. Its needed - yes. Will it have more than 2 episodes, or will tthey dumb it down to the masses?

For those guys out there with a girlfriend from ages 20-28 (a large FOX demographic, ask them to watch the original Cosmos. Consider yourself a lucky man if you have a woman that can watch more than 15 minutes, understands it, and wants to watch the next episode.

Comment Re:hey editor guy! (Score 1) 767

Funny stuff! I've read a lot of your comments and have to stop after this one. I remember as soon as Obama got elected, all the conservatives in my state were running out to buy every remaining piece of ammo and saying "That obama guy is gonna take all our guns away."

It makes me sad, because in case you haven't been paying attention, both retardlicans and dummycrats are doing exactly the same thing when they are in office. Canada laughs at us because we only have a two party system. Could it possibly be because they are on the same side and just playing people like yourself? I'm not trying to troll you, i'm just throwing you an angle you might not have thought about yet.

Mister T and Philip Fry for Pres/VP!!!!

Comment FTA (Score 1) 89

"They will be trying out Led Zeppelin, the white stripes, and wolfmother."

(or something close to that)

That is exactly what I thought as soon as I read "low frequencies.... Jimmy Page's les paul almost invented that sound. Although, could it be the voice? We aren't using a controlled environment with these additional bands as all of the voices are very unique (not canned boy bands).

Comment Causation != correlation (Score 1) 185

However, if you step back for a second, and compare our "orbit" with our environment, we see an interesting trend.

Even the smartest of us didn't forsee something as simple as "Hey - if you put something up there, you're going to have to deal with it."

Unless of course you don't believe in global warming, then please take your trollisms elsewhere.

Comment One of my favorite quotes... (Score 2) 370

In a movie, a kid asked the question "What makes America great?"

"Our endless appeals system."

This was the tobacco lobbyist in Thank You for Smoking.

The whole apple music thing has always confused me. Why didn't they go with something already existing? This would make sense, but we know Apple is out to make dollars. By whatever means possible of course.

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