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Comment Re:Lies! (Score 1) 347

You're hired.

That is some of the clearest well thought out bullshit I've read here is some time, well since reading Cold Fjord above.

Obviously, your programmers deserve a raise too as it is clear the the programmers of Cold Fjord basically have just taken Eliza and put some lipstick on it[0].

[0] - as evidenced by the level of reading comprehension displayed

Comment Too simplistic (Score 1) 144

Even if you could setup a VM-like environment, you are wasting your time. First, you can't hack the 2nd cpu in the phone, which is the one that does the cell-tower comms, and how the backdoors can be loaded into the phone, and secondly, they don't really need to do the backdoor route because your data traffic is what reveals most of the info they are looking for. The only way to secure a cell phone is to place it in a faraday cage, embedded in concrete, and deep-sixed in the ocean.

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