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Comment Also in St. Charles, MO (Score 2) 562

Earlier this month. Link

Checkpoints were conducted Friday morning, Friday night and Saturday night at three different locations in St. Charles County, said sheriff’s Lt. Dave Tiefenbrunn.


Tiefenbrunn said even though the survey was voluntary he acknowledged that the public might not have thought they had any choice but to obey the officers. Because of that, he said, his department would not participate in such surveys in the future.

“It doesn’t give the public the impression that it’s voluntary if there’s a uniformed officer out there, so we would avoid that circumstance in the future,” he said.


In its statement, NHTSA said that it had been conducting such surveys for more than 40 years in roughly 10-year cycles.

The agency said more than 60 communities nationwide were participating this year, including St. Louis County, where checkpoints were conducted in September.

In 2007, more than 9,000 drivers were interviewed in 60 jurisdictions.

In all of these cases, there is no mention of how much money the jurisdictions involved received from the feds for allowing these actions to occur.

Comment Flashing BIOS, Vector=Windows (Score 1) 698

It has always been possible ever since the time that you no longer had to create a floppy to update your bios firmware.

What one needs to consider is a BIOS backdoor, loaded via the same vector.

See #badBIOS for example.

So, likely, what occured is that some skunkworks group inside the NSA found the exploit hole in Windows, and they got Microsoft to patch it.

It likely still exists in XP and will never be fixed.

Blaming China is Standard Procedure these days for NSA.
There always has to be a bogeyman so NSA can justify their 'programs'.

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