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Comment Re:do their own then... (Score 2, Insightful) 186

You're right... I guess I didn't really think about where the money would come from. But, if anyone has any really expensive hardware sitting around that isn't flying off the shelf the way it used to, I would think it would be Sun. So, maybe they could put some of it to use building a cloud of their own. I've just always been of the school of thought that if you don't like how something is built, build your own.

Comment Re:JEE 6? (Score 4, Informative) 74

The answer is "no," but for a different reason than what you may be thinking. Certain language features have been introduced recently that are used in these draft specs. For instance, for Servlet 3.0, one can configure a servlet with annotations (rather than configuring in the web.xml). Annotations weren't introduced until JDK 1.5. So, the JEE spec isn't tied to a specific JDK, but the JDK you choose at least needs to be able to support all the constructs referred to.

Comment Re:Other notable contribution (Score 4, Insightful) 184

I guess that's one way to look at it, but IMO, as one of the struts developers, I was happy to get easy access to copies of their OS so that I can virtualize them and test across browsers, etc. You can say it improves their product, but I say it improves mine... TOE-MAY-TOE / TOE-MAH-TOE however you want to look at it, I appreciated it.

Submission + - Self-publishing? Worthwhile or waste of time

wawannem writes: For the few of you that know me, you probably also know that I have been working on a book recently for a prestigious publisher. For the other 99.9999999% of you, I don't want to come off as making a last ditch effort to generate buzz for my book, so no links. Anyhow, as a developer on a popular open source project, I began working with a publisher to write a book about incorporating the project into real-world development projects. To be fair to the publishers, there is a narrow market for tech books in general, and this particular topic is not guaranteed to sell as many copies as a book on a more popular topic such as JQuery, Rails or PHP. My first motivation for writing the book had little to do with the money and more to do with the fact that there is often complaints about the available documentation. Since the economy is heading down the toilet, and it is a new year, I have heard that the publisher is considering dropping my project (as well as 30%-40% of their in-progress titles). I would like to think that I could do something to change that, but the reality is that the topic of the book may not be popular enough, regardless of the quality of the book. Another author that I have worked with thinks that we can probably do pretty well publishing the book on our own. There is also the possibility of trying to strike up a deal with another publisher. My gut feeling is to incorporate what I've written into the existing documentation for the project. At this point, nothing has been decided, so I am wondering if anyone on here has had experience self-publishing. Given the choice between titles from major publishers and self-published books, I would, personally, most likely choose the book from the major publisher. My thought is that if I make the content available freely, I could improve the popularity of the project (due to the better documentation) and work on maybe being published later. At the same time, if there is a chance at a decent profit, then I don't want to turn it down. One advantage to self-publishing would be the easing of deadlines which I could translate into better content. So, I'm sort of torn on what I should do if I find out tomorrow that I own some possibly valuable content without a publisher.

Submission + - Government Contract Mining?

DiZNoG writes: "I work for a small manufacturing company and have been charged with assisting the sales department in mining a database from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for possible contracts we could bid on. As you can imagine the interface is cumbersome and the data a labyrinth. Are there good technology or service-based solutions to help in searching for government procurement opportunities? Or possible matching solutions? The service we are subscribed to (see above) might not be accomplishing our needs and since I'm no sales guy I'd like to explore other technology-based options to assist our sales force."

Submission + - What to do with old tech books 1

zandini writes: I have lots of old tech books. Java 1 & 2, HTML 4, Using Debian 2.1, just to name a few. My bookshelf is full of these books, but now they are either obsolete (like HTML 4), or same or better information is available on the internet (e.g. perl, python). I called local libraries, but they do not want any computer books older than 2 years. Some of my books on C/C++ and old Computer Science text books are still valid, but it seems that they won't take them since they are too old. Ebay could be an option, but selling over 50 books on ebay individually could be really time consuming, especially since I am looking to make money from these anyways. What did you guys to with your old computer books? Did you just throw them in the recycle bin? Or were you able to find someone somewhere who could take these books and make use of them?

Submission + - AMD Linux Driver Interview Opportunity

Sarah Vella writes: "AMD would like to set up an interview with Slashdot.org for September 4th or 5th to discuss a major development on their open source drivers. AMD would like to share this news first with the Slashdot community.

Let me know if Slashdot is open to having an interview with Chris Schlaeger our resident Linux guru and Pat Moorhead, VP, Marketing.

Sarah Vella
High Road Communications
416 644-2270"

Submission + - Journalist attempts to hack, gets caught (valleywag.com)

wawannem writes: "I know that fark is not likely considered the serious news institution that slashdot is... In fact, I've heard of it referred to as slashdot's immature, mentally handicapped, younger stepbrother. Whatever it is, it appears that it drew some attention from a Fox news affiliate. Enough attention that it seems a reporter may have tried to hack into their servers.
FTA — Curtis believes that Phillips, or someone working with Phillips, sent him and several other Fark employees deceptive emails in an attempt to get them to download a trojan, a form of computer virus. The Trojan was designed to capture their passwords and give the author access to Fark's servers. In one case, it succeeded, giving a hacker passwords to a file server and one Fark employee's email account; he tried, but failed, to break into Fark's Web servers and email.
The article goes into some other speculation about the reporter's intentions, but I would imagine that the title of journalist should not exempt him from punishment in this case."

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