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Comment Re:Copyright Rocks (Score 1) 183

Oh, come on now, everyone here at Slashdot knows we could be the ones making the big bucks calling the shots at mega corporations but instead we've decided to sit around and poke fun at those short-sighted fools who roll in the big bucks. It's a choice, my boy, we chose to make modest or poor wages slaving for The Man instead.

All kidding aside, most of the people who spit on copyright are mostly the ones who'd hear nothing about putting up their money on what is a start up venture like signing a band. While it is getting cheaper to produce albums it still isn't cheap. At the same time learning one's craft well enough to rise above the typical bar band or club DJ isn't cheap or easy either.

Comment Re:But (Score 2) 325

Ahem! FTFA: where sent text messages can appear to be in the correct thread and still end up being sent to another contact altogether. In other words, unless you pull up the Message Details screen after the fact, you might not even know the grievous act you've committed until your boss, significant other, or best friend -- make that former best friend -- texts you back.

Apparently you have a whole other bug than what is being reported. If the bug was what you had mentioned then the bug should be reported as the wrong contact opening, not the wrong contact getting a text.

Comment Re:I'm Confused (Score 1) 1219

I can't speak for most states but in Pennsylvania you can refuse to take a test at the check point. At that point the officer has the right to take you into the police station/hospital and have breath, urine or blood tests done. If you refuse those tests it counts as an admission of built to DUI and the penalties are the same as a 2nd offense DUI.

Comment Re:US is Nazi Germany Times 2. (Score 2) 1219

Sure, we aren't singling out Jews and Gays, but isn't that in a way EVEN WORSE?

Yeah, all except that whole showering in a mist of Zyclon-B thing, ya know?

And it's not to say I disagree with your general position or that I care that you throw around the term Nazi a bit but let's try to keep some perspective here. Perspective is one of the things that is missing from a lot of posts on Slashdot and it kinda makes people sound like raving retards. Sorry, but that's the way I see it. By making reasonable arguments instead of frothing at the mouth you'll get much more support. And if you really think you need to jump to such hyperbole? Doesn't that make you question your logic in the first place?

Comment Re:Further reduces influence of independent Americ (Score 1) 1128

you're very wrong here. the impediments to a third party candidate are insurmountable.

This is because third parties are doing it wrong. They're trying to go for the brass ring when they hardly have a viable (ie. visible to the public) contender in the que. Third parties need to focus on state and local elections so that their party's platform gets known and established. This will help them gain momentum. With the funding that most third parties waste on presidential runs they could turn 3 or 4 small elections into victories where the candidates of the majors are soft.

For this reason I will not support a third party with donation but I will support individual candidates of a third party. Any money sent directly to the party will likely be wasted on pie-in-the-sky aspirations while viable candidates for lesser posts languish.

Comment Re:connecting != hacking (Score 1) 284

He's getting jail time for unauthorized access, he used software to overcome the security of the router. I would agree with the media that it is close enough to hacking. Now had he stumbled on his neighbors' (open) wifi while trying to connect to his own and gotten busted for child porn I would say the term hacking is a bit much.

Comment Re:Derangement (Score 2) 284

His threats against Biden had nothing to do with politics. Had it been McCain in office Palin would have gotten the death threat instead. It seems that he wanted revenge against his neighbors and was sane enough to understand that the local cops were worthless in matters of cyber crime and wanted to insure that semi-competent agents of the law got involved.

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