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Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1, Interesting) 283

Not quite, I see SO many people that "need" their morning cup of coffee and complain when they don't get it, since way before Starbucks was around or popular. I never wanted to be that way, and now I see people that have to spend $5 a day or more for coffee, and I am even more glad I resisted ever drinking it.

Comment Re:They'll be back (Score 1) 263

HDDVD was an inferior product, and DRM isn't about the media, you can encode DRM in/on anything. That is like saying you don't like the new bridge because of the graffiti on it. Not sure how you can say Bluray is more expensive, it is cheap now, way more than HDDVD ever was. It was more expensive at first because it was more advanced.

Agreed, Sony home audio is not the best quality, but it is what it is, at it's price point.

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