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Comment Serious answer you won't like (besides don't!) (Score 1) 550

Your taste in games is frankly,.... well it's what I'd expect guys to play, it's sports and MMO's for goodness sakes, while yes some girls play and love these games - the odds are WELL against you.

It's time evaluate yourself and your gaming future if you genuinely want your wife to get into it. My recommendation, which I hold in high regard no less! Is that you look at picking up a PS3 and actually just 'making' (letting?) her watch you play some vastly more story focused single player interesting games. Uncharted 1,2, 3 and Heavy Rain are absoloutely and utterly perfect examples of games which could at least convince a non gamer "hey,... golly.. maybe games aren't completely fucking stupid childish crap" because to be honest, that's what a lot of people STILL think about gaming.

  Well you could consider letting her play for a bit on those games while you play. Pass her the controller for a bit while you grab a drink in the kitchen or go to the bathroom, or just say 'here you try'
As for the games you should play once you've got her interested? I can't recommend Pixel Junk Monsters enough, it's an incredible game, the demo is free and coop works on it - try it.

Finally as someone who has dated several non gamers, the simpler games often are the best at the start, Mario Kart, Mario Golf worked for a fun afternoon also.
You need to focus on a fun and easy experience to make it easy initially.

Do not even consider MMO's for a very long time and try subject matter which is likely to interest her, some sports games might be ok in coop (I don't know) but I imagine the brain would switch off the second you pull out a sports game in most cases.
Embrace storyline focused single player gaming in general, it's good for you.

Comment Re:"Full Names" seem to be the in thing (Score 2) 101

That's the box - it will make you a Google+ profile if you're not careful (perhaps I'm blind but I didn't find that was clearly stated)

It also won't allow anonymous names. I try to stick with just my initials - but no luck.
Problem is if you make your name "Anonymous Dude" then your google+ profile (and possibly your gmail reply name?) will also be "Anonymous Dude" for example,.........

Comment "Full Names" seem to be the in thing (Score 4, Informative) 101

Google Plus, Facebook, Foursquare - a lot of services are really pushing the boundaries at the moment. I suspect the social media backlash is going to begin pretty damn soon.

On a similar, on topic note: Did anyone who does sign in to youtube recently get 'tricked' by a box popping up, offering them the option to change their first / last name on the service? I got it and thought, "fantastic! I can finally login with a name other than my gmail mail alias" and attempted setting up a different name. BAM - it made me a Google+ profile which I didn't want.
Upon removing the profile, my videos are now tied to my "Google+ youtube account" - so anything I uploaded, any favourites, any comments are not available unless I re-create the account.

Heavy handed indeed and from the musings on the web, I'd say I'm not the only one who got stung by this.

Comment Re:Titan of its generation (and replaced too early (Score 1) 146

I pretty much agree with most of your post, despite being more of an Xbox 1 over PS2 gamer (my first consoles and coming from PC, I liked the more PC-centric stuff on the Xbox)

That being said, I now love my PS3, so many good games for it and more importantly so many good exclusive games for it, often unique ones to boot.

I'm curious if you'd agree (and suspect so) that the PS3 and 360 are about to also be retired too early. The replacements for both systems are heavily rumoured to come out next year before Xmas and I'm not sure they are needed yet. The law of diminishing returns has the PS3 and 360's best games still (in my opinion) looking really quite good (See: Uncharted 2/3, Journey, Halo 4 and so on) these are quality graphics on 6 year old systems. I personally don't think we need those new consoles for at least 24 months.
Since I wasn't a hardcore console player last gen (I got in mid way and was new to consoles in general) the PS2 doesn't hold as much memories for me - but the PS3 is definitely the best console I've ever owned. Very happy with it.

Comment Overweight sugar addict here (Score 2) 150

I could previously answer this poll with something along the lines of "yearly" or "twice yearly" as someone who can get depressed and "eat away the pain" (it doesn't work, I've tried for over 30 years, I've not found a recipe for long term happyness at the bottom of any comfort food)

Now, while still overweight, I am monitoring it weekly and finding the healthier I eat the better I feel. Sure a pizza and beer or chocolate / sugar definitely can cheer one up but it's quite brief and cyclical too.

My weight has fluctuated from about 75kg to 115kg over the past 15 adult years and it's not just up, it's been up, down, up down many times. If I can give any advice regarding food at all, avoid sugar at all costs. (Youtube: Sugar, the bitter truth)
Oh and I weigh myself about weekly now, I can still fluctuate 2 or 3 lbs a week but it's better than it used to be.

Comment Sorry to complain but come on what the ...? (Score 1) 304

This is slashdot, you know a modern open minded website which is used by people all around the world,... no?

First, you've got some people who don't celebrate xmas posting here due to religion.
You've got those not celebrating due to apathy or lazyness.
You've got those not celebrating due to loneliness or misfortune.

I fit into the second category, I'm in my 30's, I'm single - I have no interest whatsoever in the event. I don't hate it like a scrooge like I used to but it's really pretty meaningless after a certain age for some of us. If you've not got kids in the family to push it on, you just end up not caring.

I'm male, single, in a western country - I live xmas every single day to be honest. If I want something, the internet provides, normally pretty quick.

Comment I'm a single player gamer. (Score 1) 230

I couldn't care less about 60 fps unless I was playing a twitchy FPS or a racing game - both of which I play very, very rarely.

Uncharted, God of War, Okami HD, Darksiders, Journey, Mass Effect, Enslaved, Pixel Junk Monsters, Heavy Rain, LA Noire, GTA4 / 5, Half Life, Ico and SOTC HD, Portal.

None of these games NEED 60fps - they all look nice with a consistent 30 and 60 wouldn't hurt but I'd rather graphical fidelity than frame rate. ESPECIALLY with the law of diminishing returns kicking in to full effect this generation.
You fire up the top 10 graphical powerhouse games onthe PS3 and 360 right now and guess what? They still look pretty damn good. Some of them exceptionally good.
I'm convinced these new consoles are still coming 12 to 24 months too soon. So the last thing we need is only a mild bump in graphical fidelity and more frames. We need all the fidelity we can get.

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