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Submission + - Dominos Pizza website hacked, customer data leaked

An anonymous reader writes: Dominos Pizza has been in India for more than a decade now and with much enthusiasm it decided to tap into the rapidly growing internet population by launching its online ordering system late last year. Recently a hacker managed to get away with a lot of customer data by hacking into their server. Though the company is tight lipped on the extend of the damage in an apologetic letter to its customers it says that customer email id's mobile phone numbers and delivery addresses have been compromised.

Comment Re:In the same speech (Score 2, Insightful) 449

Yeah, you're right. From now on, the kids are wearing life vests in the bath tub. And we're all moving to bottom floor to avoid the stairs. Better put the chain guard back on the Harley.. Wouldn't want to catch my bell bottoms.. Being told to "be safe" is one thing. Being told how is very different. Especially when the "how" might be based on economic profit for a specific "elite".

Comment Re:This has all happened before and it will all .. (Score 0, Redundant) 668

Yup, just like the failure of the iPod that idiots predicted was inevitable for years. Now they've moved on to the iPhone - great, more shlock.

That said, Android is a far better alternative model than the iPod competitors were, but dragging out the tired, old, and inaccurate "Mac vs PC in the 80's" model is just tiresome and worthless. There are so many variances (probably the biggest being price - the iPhone isn't more expensive than its competitors) that it's just a stupid comparison to make, generally only made by PC trolls.

Comment Re:Fascinating! (Score 1) 246

You should tell that to extremist atheists like Mr Dawkins et al who like to try to use their very philosophical assumptions (and circular reasoning) to 'prove' the non-existence of such things. I think it is more accurate that 'a large majority of scientists' assume that all we can see is all there is given the prevalence and popularity of such opinions as those of Dawkins.

Comment Re:Apple Plan (Score 0, Troll) 495

By the way, anyone who uses the word "appletard" deserves to be modded as a troll or flamebait. I'm a mac user at home but I'm a software developer for the windows platform with over decade of work experience. I can hack a geektool desktop and write shell scripts with the best of them but I like having an OS with a GUI that does not require me to put on a sys admin hat when I get home.

Good for you. I would have said that since you're apparently a little more flexible and open-minded than your typical trust fund ponce who sits in Starbucks all day posing that the term "appletard" doesn't apply to you.

However I consider people who try to appeal/second guess the moderators as the second lowest[1] of the low, so you can eat shit and die.

[1] after the moderators themselves [2].
[2] and paedophiles. Third lowest.

I'll come in again.

Comment to be well liked (Score 1) 842


There will inevitably be someone there that won't like you, and no matter what you do they may continue to dislike you. No matter how careful you are you will inevitably make some bad choices, miss opportunities, and be on the wrong end of an argument and that is how you will be defined. People far less deserving than you will be your superiors and promoted ahead of you. You will be blamed for mistakes you didn't make, and have credit for your successes stolen from you. You will be driven to the point of doing things you know are wrong to stay competitive. Ultimately you will be sorely tempted to give into despair and cynicism and simply try to exist with as little pain as possible.

If you want to be well liked, understand this. Understand it when you begin your career and wonder at your coworker's lack of enthusiasm and reluctance to take chances. Understand it when you work 60 hours per week to save the project and it fails anyway due to reasons beyond your control. Understand it when you are promoted and people you thought were your friends become your enemy. Understand it when you are in the boardroom and your colleagues snicker at the thought of those below them. Understand it, but do everything you can to free yourself from it.

Comment Re:Military-Industrial Complex (Score 1) 449

I think you are confused. What the grandparent comment said was correct: the budget deficit was $1.7 trillion: cutting out the roughly $700 Billion spent on defense leaves a $1 Trillion dollar deficit. That means the budget doesn't balance. Subtraction, okay? I don't understand how you think you can reduce $700 billion dollars to $350 billion (from 6x to 3x the next-biggest country's spending) and that somehow balances the budget. $1.7 trillion - $350 billion is not $0.

Comment Re:Careful What You Laugh At (Score 1) 511

Actually, HDR photos are often a better representation of reality, because the human eye adjusts to different brightness levels, which is what the HDR process is doing.

... as long as it's not overdone. I've taken quite a few pictures that I was disappointed with due to the dynamic range problems of the camera. I've also seen too many HDR pictures that are "not natural". I like HDR photos, when they're used make the camera's dynamic range match my vision's range.

Comment Re:Republican (Score 1) 574

The country already is ruled by religious law to some extent: thou shall not kill and thou shall not steal. Murder and burglary are against the law. Why aren't you all riled up about that? Constitution doesn't say anything about murder or stealing but yet we have laws for them.

Why do some people in the US think that the Constitution is the be all and end all of the legal system?

You have common law inherited from our UK system: over the centuries people decided that stealing and murder were a bad idea and should be punished. It's nothing except coincidentally to do with the Bible. It would be hard to imagine a sane legal system under which murder wasn't a serious offence.

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