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Comment bivariate (Score 1) 15

Usually I'm at 3 - it takes more than a 'me too!' mod or mere karma bonus to get my attention. But when I find myself with mod points (rather frequently this year and last), I browse at -1 and slog through dreck, looking for pearls to elevate. Once in a while I'll blast down a flamebait or astroturfer post. As soon as I'm done, I set my threshold back to 3, secure in the knowledge I have done my part to keep /. awesome.

Comment Re:Spellink chekers. Duh! (Score 1) 285

Not that anyone else does this, but one of the first changes I make in my browser settings is deactivating automatic spell checking. Call it a holdover from the days where leaving it on meant the top rate of entering text would be about one or two characters per second.
The performance difference is non-zero.

Comment Re:Telnet (Score 1) 179

You know, I could have sworn slimjim8094 had just outlined a different reason why colleges give out emails. You may consider it insufficient justification, but I think it is actually a factor that must be considered. The ITU stats on internet penetration have yet to reveal a 100% mark anywhere in the world.
Telling someone they must sign up for hotmail to further their education is the epitome of unprofessional. I feel your pain that you were ordered and paid to do it.

Comment Re:Someone here actually suggested it before (Score 1) 584

You (and Google) have made some basic factual errors about how /. moderation works - in Google's case, "there is no restriction on the users that may participate" and in your case, "If they are on your friend lists, their moderation carries more value." - guess what? It's possible to set up your account to do that, but it's not the default and it's not obvious.

Comment Re:repeating a tweet: if just, why 1am (Score 5, Interesting) 933

Was following this until feed gave out. Press were barred because part of the plan is to take all the equipment of all the arrested people and throw it into compacting dump trucks. Concealing this little detail failed, because every other person in NYC has a cell phone that can record video, and their attempts to block everyone on ground level were, shall we say, not fully thought through. Garbage truck drivers don't have the same "us vs. them" mentality of police officers, less discipline, and even less threat assessment training.
It's an action that is (i) probably going to be extremely effective at preventing quite a lot of people from assembling anywhere again for more than eight hours, and (ii) should make every Libertarian brain go splodey.They're going to be hard pressed to reconcile "Taser the Hippies" and "Personal Property is SACRED" if ever this little detail gets widespread attention.

Comment Re:All Anonymous and Lulzsec have to do now... (Score 1) 315

Oh, because maybe the bank isn't offering me a service I want at a price I'm willing to pay? See cousin posts for particulars.

I see you take after your namesake. You're badly informed if you think credit union accounts are free.

Your "surmises" reveal much prejudice. I have an assumption of my own, but I'll be explict about it rather than make you think about it: how's your Tea Party member card serving you?

Comment Yes you do (Score 1) 20

As a citizen, you and I have a dog in the fight. Laws are on the books prohibiting things for no good reason, making our fellow citizens with appetites different from ours outcasts. As a taxpayer, our resources are being squandered attempting a goal that is demonstrably unattainable.

So unless you're in favour of being mean and wasteful, you're got a stake in this.


Comment Re:Easy. (Score 1) 382

It's a shame there's no online equivalent of a snort of derision. You're a fool to think the differences trivial, and I wouldn't trust any of my data to you. If you have a boss, the organization would be better off with you fired.

That you have not had problems so far is not debian's fault, or yours.

Or do you read and subscribe to every one of the 2500-odd release-critical bugs and determine that they don't apply to software you have installed? I'm trying to imagine such an unhappy life, and eeeeww. If this is your life, I'm sorry.

Comment Re:Easy. (Score 1) 382

Pay no attention to the troll, it lies. I notice you said this was personal, as in, not a non-profit. Anyways, non-profits have no lesser need of stability.
Debian's testing branch is something that they are, well, testing. As in, they're not sure it works. One offhand combination of installing scheme9 and apache-mod-lisp could bring things to a grinding halt. If anyone other than yourself is expecting it to be available in the morning, use debian stable. Heck, if you'd like it to be available in the morning without being up part of the night, use debian stable.

As for the CLI, I've got news you might think bad, but it's not. Administering a LAMP stack without basic familiarity with a shell is like using a web browser without knowing what a scrollbar is - you may be able to do stuff, but not a lot, and not well. The tools that debian includes are command line oriented (as in, no webmin) because point-and-click interfaces require pointing and clicking, and are truly resistant to automation. Automation makes life easier, freeing up time better spent with wine and women (and/or moonshine and men, depending).

The good news is, shells are not terribly difficult to learn the basics of, though it is possible to go into very intricate depth. If you settle on bash, I recommend visiting http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ once in a while.

Comment Re:If you can't be bothered to RTF... (Score 2) 389

Why? Some of us have working memories.
Microsoft would love nothing more than to lock out other operating systems at the hardware level, and the bootloader is the critical first step. Why isn't 55% of the computing world using BeOS? Because MS controlled the bootloader via OEM contracts, possible only because of their monopoly position.

"I once preached peaceful coexistence with Windows. You may laugh at my expense -- I deserve it."
--Jean-Louis Gassée, CEO of Be

I believe the reason we will have to fight OEMs is because MS will tell them, "Unlockable UEFI? bulk rate = $35. Locked? bulk rate = $22

As for the phones, what monopoly has Google ever had on the phone market?

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