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Comment Re:Uhg, not Cass Sunstein (Score 2) 530

Right, but that seems to be his solution:

But the world is unlikely to make much progress on climate change until the barrier of human psychology is squarely addressed.'

Which I take to mean - anyone not a zombie or an easily led drone needs to be eliminated. Or maybe he is planning the next-generation MK Ultra project for the masses.

Comment Re:Unless the subject is climate change (Score 1, Flamebait) 206

Even if man-made climate change is false, reducing the fucking atmospheric pollution is a good damn idea.

Quite agree. And there is a long list of pollutants spoiling our air and water. CO2 is not one of them.

Do everyone a favour by going breath auto-mobile exhaust

Great - another idiot that can't tell the difference between CO and CO2.

Comment Denier (Score 1) 206

Although Galileo’s explanation for why ice floats on water was closer to the truth than his opponent’s arguments, Galileo also belittled legitimate, contradictory evidence given by his opponent

So did he call him a denier, or claim he was on the payroll of the someone with questionable motives?

Comment Re:What is it about the Nook? (Score 4, Informative) 132

All that being said - I expect everything applies to the Kindle as well, so - no, there's really no compelling reason to choose the Nook. There's a very good reason to get a Kindle instead: Amazon has a much better selection. (Yeah, I kind of regret my Nook purchase, but not enough to replace it with a Kindle.)

That's not much of a selling point, since you can install and run Kindle on the Nook, but you can't install Nook reader on the Kindle. So that means the Nook actually has a bigger selection.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 0) 205

Then don't vote for politicians that are for securing the country at all cost. Honestly, if the GOP candidates wouldn't be so quick to take away our freedoms, it would be a lot easier to find somebody to vote for that would have more of a spine. But, ultimately, we ended up with Obama who was far less scary than either Romney or McCain in this area, but falls well short of what a reasonable politician should be doing with personal Liberties.

Riiiiight... because it's ONLY ONE of the parties that want to take away your freedom. If only everyone would just vote for Democrats, it would be all Rainbows and Unicorns all the time.

Comment Re:Super Timing (Score 2) 205

...and it's free to the user.

Nothing is ever "free". Don't ever forget that.

Since the NSA grabs everything anyways, at least if it were a sign on we could end trolls and harassment online.

So does active moderation. In this case, it will be government doing the moderation. You trust your government, don't you? Don't call it "censorship" - it's "moderation".

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