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Comment Re:That is not entirely accurate (Score 1) 491

Trade barriers? Currency pegged to the dollar to increase exports? Nothing new. Japan did it decades ago.

I really doubt we will see a real estate bubble in China during the next decade. They are starting from a much different position. Many people from the country are still moving to the cities. Housing materials are not something that is exactly scarce either. Most of the costs are in construction labor which is something there is little shortage of in China.

That leaves the possibility of an energy crisis. Mind you the chinese are investing in every form of energy you can possibly think of, plus they have vast reserves of cheap coal. So if worst comes to worst, they can ramp up the construction of coal-to-liquids plants (they already have one) and use that instead of oil. They also still have enough of a command economy to rapidly ramp up construction of such plants if necessary. Their economy is quite far from reaching a point of diminishing returns on investment. The gap with "western" countries is still too wide.

The US also does ok with energy having large coal and shale reserves. The areas with the largest problem regarding their energy supply are Japan and the EU.

Comment Re:Wait for it... (Score 1) 195

Save your beer money, because if you don't have this, you will be a social outcast.

I'd rather be a social outcast than someone so desperate for the approval of others that they'll buy a gadget just for the status it bestows.

See, I can never figure this sentiment out. Since I moved to the Mac about 2 years ago, I haven't noticed any particular rise in my social status. When I get my laptop out, it's not like girls sidle up to me and start cooing in my ear or anything. I just open it and start working/playing (instead of waiting for it to wake up, like with every other laptop I've had).

I think that someone opening a laptop running Linux has more of an "oooh" factor than a Mac. When students of mine who are running Linux open their computers in the classroom, people go, "Hey, what's that?" and gather around. But like half of the class is using Macs. It's just a computer.

I mean, thanks for thinking I'm higher status because I spent exactly the same amount of money as I would have buying the ThinkPad I was looking at at the time, but really, it's just a computer. I use it to do stuff.

Comment UK extradition (Score 1) 125

Interesting. I'd love to see the list. Though I imagine it depends on which country you are running from, right?

Yup, each country has its own treaties about extradition.
After some Googling, here's an article about extradition specific to UK.
Any country *not* in the two lists (part 1 and 2 of the act) is safe.

Well, not all countries are safe per se. I doubt Afghanistan and Pakistan could count as safe, but they are at least safe from extradition. The 2 Congos won't be a nice place either. Indonesia could be a better bet. China and North Korea are not on the list for obvious political reasons. Strangely, nor is Japan or South Korea.

The most complicated part isn't finding a country with no extradition treaty with the country one is running from (due to the absence of a global international treaty that's trivial).
The problem is finding :
- a way to *reach* said country safely without getting caught along the way. (The closest seems to be Morocco and that's not exactly next door)
- a way to get a new life in said country despite language barrier, lack of funding and possible political instability of said country.
- and both, without having any money nor any other possession beside the clothes the convict had on himself when running out of jail.

That is much more difficult to achieve than keeping low profile.

Comment Re:That low? (Score 1) 596

(how about tax deductions compelling people to give more and keep track of what do give? not much of that anywhere but in the U.S.),

Not true. In Netherland (where the government gives more to foreign aid than the internationally agreed 0.8% of GDP (most western countries give a less), donations are fully tax deductible. There's less need here to help your neighbour with his medical expenses, but people here give a lot to human rights and environmental organisations (Amnesty and Greenpeace are among the largest).

Comment NetBIOS is routable when run over TCP/IP or IPX (Score 4, Informative) 68

as per RFCs 1001 and 1002 for TCP/IP and somewhere else for IPX (IPX packet type 20 IIRC). However, if you ran it over "NetBEUI" or NetBIOS Extended User Interface, rather than IPX or TCP/IP, NetBIOS was running directly over 802.2/LLC i.e. no layer 3 protocol in there, so no routing. I think Microsoft removed this option a number of years ago, which is a shame, because that was a way of ensuring that there was no chance your NetBIOS file and print shares were accessible over the Internet.

Comment HP t series (Score 1) 349

The HP T-series thin clients are quite nice. I have one in production driving a wall-mounted display. It's a t5000 series, specifically the t5735. It has DVI, VGA, parallel and serial, audio, USB, everything that a normal desktop has, AMD Sempron 2100+, 512MB RAM, 1 GB internal flash, and runs Debian Linux 4.0. By default, it has a stripped down Debian install, but has Gnome and gives you root access - I just added the packages that I needed and was ready to go (though it also has software for Citrix and RDP, etc. HP lists it for around $500, I got an open box demo, with full warranty, for $130.

Comment Perhaps (Score 4, Interesting) 334

Mental illness runs in the family and affects economic status. So poor parents pass on their mentally ill genes to their kids thus their kids are more likely to be mentally ill and on some kind of treatment. My own personal experience registers this is as true. I see a lot of emotional problems, especially mood instability, with poorer people. I wouldnt be surprised if this was a chicken and egg problem explained without the "OMG BIG GOVERNMENT/CAPITALIST CONSPIRACY" angle slashdot tends to sell.

Comment Re:Proxies are not going to help (Score 1) 533

I currently have cookies enabled for mail.google.com, but not for google.com. Gmail has worked fine since I made this change, and Google search at least acts like I am not logged in (but they could still correlate ip addresses and so forth, my goal is to be aware of who is tracking things as much as it is to prevent it).

Comment Re:Good to see game developers put their foot down (Score 2, Insightful) 277

That's because we are a civilized nation - we don't believe we are the only people in the world who deserve these rights, we believe everyboy does. That's why we tend to get sucked into fights to preserve democracy and such, though our track record lately is only so-so.

So yeah it sucks that he gets to enjoy our freedoms, but it's the right thing to do.

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