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Comment The Bible and the Koran (Score 1) 957

Consider if such a law was implemented...

  • The Koran considers the claims of Jesus, as recorded in the Bible, to be blasphemy!

    In Sura 10:68-70 They say: “God hath begotten a son!” -
    then shall We make them taste the severest penalty for their blasphemies.”

  • The Old Testament in the Bible (1 Kings or 2 Kings) records the prophet Elijah blaspheming Baal, the Caananite God.
  • According to the New Testament, the Jews considered Jesus' claim (that he was God's son) to be blasphemous and the prime reason for his crucifixion.

Comment Re:They've gamed the market so long... (Score 1) 257

You're the microsoft architect right?
Perhaps the money you are offering isnt enough?
As someone else here pointed out, if you offer more money (and make this known), the market will move to correct the lack of supply you see. Witness the steady increase in the ranks of web developers after the heady salary excesses of the nineties.

Comment Oh no (Score 1) 589

My plans for selling billions of small helium-filled personal orbs is at risk. :)

Like the 'Keno' from the late unlamented 'Stargate Universe', they would follow their owners around at shoulder height, interacting with sound, marquee messages on the orb's surface and changing orb color. The electronics, cameras and micro propellors etc. would be powered by a small induction-charged battery topped up by floating 'visits' to a fixed charging station.

Comment Re:Cue the tinfoil hats.. (Score 1) 356

I don't completely trust studies either. For me, the main thing that matter are what I *do* trust (e.g. axioms, conclusions derived from first principles) and what I can do with the options before me.

Its reasonable to deduce from first principles that organic food has similar inherent nutrition (Vitamins, minerals) compared to non-organic. This is because (assuming non-GMO crops), both types of food grew using similar genetic processes. However, organic food has less pesticide residue. As pesticides are mostly toxins that affect humans too, this has the effect of lowering the *overall* nutrition of non-organic food.

This study backs up this conclusion :...

The non-organic food most probably had better yields. But if I can obtain organic food at an affordable price, the per-hectare crop yield becomes immaterial -- for me, organic is better as its toxins are fewer.

Comment Re:Cue the tinfoil hats.. (Score 1) 356

It is only cheaper if you buy organic from a supermarket. The local organic farmers market and organic co-op are as cheap as commercial foods. And organic does fine commercially too.

If you think commercially grown monocultures are as nutritious as organic crops, you are sadly mistaken. And too believing of Slashdot stories

plus GM crap encourages more use of pesticide. See...

Comment Yes... (Score 1) 767

But the tools are lacking.

Right now, programming is language-based/text-based. So a programmer is required to mentally keep track of program state -- variables, iterations, conditions -- as he writes more code. This rules a lot of folks out right away (Personal.Brain.StackOverflowError)

Python with its indentation rules is a step forward in that regard -- many 'real' programmers find its whitespace rules chafing (as they have no need for it), but newbies get visual cues about the program state at the line they are currently on.

Comment Re:Christianity (Score 1) 302

> Fundamentalism is not a pre-modern ideology, but a specific reaction to modernity.

No, what you refer to as 'fundamentalism' isn't from 1915, but is as old as Christianity or Judaism.

Take Newton for instance - he believed in literal creationism (i.e. 'a 6000 year old earth'), but also ushered in modern physics.

Comment Re:This fundamentalist applauds loudly (Score 1) 302

> so the firmament has water above it, and isn't "the entire universe except the surface of Earth".

Not a problem if Genesis is read literally - that water was the literal raw material of creation (of planet, galaxies even.)

A scientist who made a prediction based on this assumption:

In 1984, when no space craft had yet reached Uranus and Neptune, I published a theory predicting the strength of the magnetic fields of those two planets in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, a peer-reviewed creationist scientific journal.2 I made the predictions on the basis of my hypotheses that (A) the raw material of creation was water (based on II Peter 3:5, "the earth was formed out of water and by water"), and (B) at the instant God created the water molecules, the spins of the hydrogen nuclei were all pointing in a particular direction.

Comment Re:This fundamentalist applauds loudly (Score 1) 302

Proverbs 8:27 also suggests a round earth by use of the word circle (e.g., New King James Bible and New American Standard Bible). If you are overlooking the ocean, the horizon appears as a circle. This circle on the horizon is described in Job 26:10. The circle on the face of the waters is one of the proofs that the Greeks used for a spherical earth. Yet here it is recorded in Job, ages before the Greeks discovered it. Job 26:10 indicates that where light terminates, darkness begins. This suggests day and night on a spherical globe. [JSM]

The Hebrew record is the oldest, because Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible. Historians generally [wrongly] credit the Greeks with being the first to suggest a spherical earth. In the sixth century B.C., Pythagoras suggested a spherical earth. [JSM]

Comment What's the low-down (Score 2) 70

How does 5 Mbps of "TC-1 speed" differ from 5 Mbps over an ADSL 2+ connection with QoS?

I googled some info about TC-1 below.

[ From (page 24) ]

Traffic Class: TC-1

Frame Delay (one way): < 350 ms

Frame Delay Variation: < 25 ms

Frame Loss: < 0.01 %

Availability / Connectivity: > 99.5 %

The TC-1 CIR performance attributes are dependent upon the following traffic characteristics, as enforced by Customer:
  TC-1 CVC capacity operating at 70% utilisation
  A TC-1 AVC to CVC oversubscription of greater than 10:1
  A balanced distribution of CVC demand across the associated AVCs
  Periodic frame arrivals, every 20ms
  Frame length maximum of 150 bytes at NNI

Comment Re:Citation? (Score 1) 304

> Well, given that some of those records are factually wrong, you've got to conclude either that God was lying (or deluded) or else that the writers were lying (or deluded) about what they said God said.

Or that your "given" is wrong, and that the records are accurate.

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